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BFF Dilemma of the Month: My BFF and I can't agree on our party's guest list. What should I do? (GL friends).

My BFF and I are having a New Year's Eve bash. I don't like some people she's inviting. How can we settle on the guest list?

Decide if it would totally ruin your party if her friends came. Maybe this would be a good chance for you to get to know some of her friends.

Kelsey, 11

I would enjoy myself even if I didn't like the people invited. Since the party is not only my BFF's, but also mine, she should consider that I have issues with some people. I'd also consider that she might not like everyone I invited. Life's not always fair.

Pilar, 12

Everybody has different personalities. We can't all like the same people. I wouldn't say anything to my BFF because it's only one night. It might hurt her feelings if I did. I would be polite and hang with people I like.

Moriah, 12

I would talk politely to my BFF and ask her to rethink her guest list. If she did invite them, I would still have a good time! When I see these people at the party I would smile and wave.

Nicole, 13

It's my BFF's party too, and I wouldn't want to ruin our fun. I would just stay away from the people I don't like so I could have a good time, like everyone else.

Brittany, 12
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Date:Dec 1, 2001
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