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My BFF promises to set me up with he guy friends but then she asks them out first! It's annoying. What should I do?

Help! How can I get my BFF to stop stealing all the guys?

I'd say, "Please don't hook me up with a guy and then go out with him yourself. I was looking forward to meeting him, hut now you're going out with him so I'm disappointed. Please don't do this to me again."

--Kara, 12

Say to her, "If you are my BFF, you wouldn't introduce me to these boys knowing you already like them. Real friends don't do that. I'm really not comfortable with it--I hope you'll stop."

--Sherrelle, 11

It doesn't sound like she's worthy of being your BFF. A BFF wouldn't do something like this. I would tell her I'm not interested in meeting any of her cute friends. Maybe your lack of interest will slow her down.

--Tori, 13

I would tell my BFF it really hurts my feelings -- when she does this. I'd ask her not to do it again. I'd still be her BFF, but I wouldn't let her hook me up with people.

--Hannah, 13

You should talk to your friend and tell her how this makes you feel. After all, there are tons of guys out there but not as many BFFs.

--Alexandra, 13
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