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 BURLINGTON, Mass., Sept. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Beyond Incorporated today announced BeyondMail(R) 2.0 Remote Access Edition for both DOS and Windows. This release provides additional features tailored specifically for remote users in addition to the full rich functionality of the network edition of BeyondMail 2.0 announced in June and available next month. For the first time, remote and traveling professionals will be full participants in the workflow and routing applications so critical to re-engineering customer processes.
 Re-engineering Remote Users
 According to Chuck Digate, president of Beyond Incorporated, increasing productivity of remote users and facilitating more effective communications with the home office are priorities in today's competitive business environment. "Remote personnel need to have timely information while the home office needs to re-engineer numerous data collection and processing tasks related to their off-site and traveling employees. Beyond has designed BeyondMail and BeyondMail Remote Access Edition as a comprehensive system of messaging-based re-engineering tools to meet these critical needs of the '90s."
 For example, a remote sales representative can request updates to his local product pricing database by simply composing a Pricing Update form and sending it to a Pricing mailbox at the home office. This agent mailbox automatically queries a corporate database and sends the information to the remote user, updating his or her laptop records. On a customer call, the sales representative can fill out an electronic mail-based Product Order form with current pricing information and send it wirelessly to the Sales Order mailbox. This agent mailbox verifies inventory levels and sends an order confirmation to the customer and the sales representative via fax and e-mail. Moreover, it updates the sales order database and sends a copy to the credit department for credit approval.
 Remote users can also participate fully in the Serial Routing application that is part of BeyondMail 2.0. They can be assigned due dates and various roles in the workflow just as if they were in the office.
 Support for Multiple Remote User Scenarios
 The remote messaging market segments into two user categories: 1) permanently remote users and 2)traveling professionals who are only part-time remote. Permanently remote users typically have one machine, while part-time users can have either just one portable PC or both a desktop PC and a laptop. BeyondMail 2.0 Remote Access Edition provides unique services to support each of these scenarios. For example, at log- in BeyondMail Remote senses whether the machine is remote or is connected to the network and automatically configures itself to the environment.
 "As modes of user interaction change -- some are always on the LAN, some are never on the LAN, and some alternate -- it is important that we have a mail system that is flexible so users' needs can be accommodated" said Wayne Sadin, chief technology office, Michigan National Bank. "We are pleased to see that the new BeyondMail Remote Access Edition provides this much needed flexibility."
 Tight Integration with Novell's NetWare Remote Message Handling Services (MHS)
 BeyondMail 2.0 Remote Access Edition is fully integrated and bundled with Novell's NetWare Remote MHS which complements Novell's strategic messaging services -- NetWare(R) Global MHS and NetWare MHS 1.5 -- fully exploiting the NetWare messaging infrastructure. NetWare Remote MHS installs automatically when BeyondMail is installed, thus sheltering the user from having to install a separate communications package. BeyondMail 2.0 Remote Access Edition also includes a Novell driver for wireless messaging enabling BeyondMail customers to enter the world of two-way wireless messaging using the RAM Mobile Data Network.
 "The integration of NetWare Remote MHS with BeyondMail 2.0 Remote Access Edition helps us meet our customer demands for a superior MHS application, seamlessly integrated with MHS technology, resulting in an easy-to-manage remote MHS messaging solution," said Rick Bohdanowicz, marketing director of NetWare Products Division for Novell, Inc.
 Direct Dial-In Support
 For users who choose to do mail as part of a remote network session, direct LAN dial-in is also supported. Using either DCA's RLN or Novell's Connect remote LAN solutions, BeyondMail Remote users can dial directly into the network without having to connect directly to the NetWare MHS server. BeyondMail Remote includes an innovative utility, BMSync, which enables these users to synchronize their off-line message stores with their network message stores effortlessly.
 Enhanced Configuration and Administrative Features
 BeyondMail Remote users have access to a rich set of configuration options, either during installation or afterwards, via the BeyondMail user interface. Users can choose to connect to their private corporate mail hub or to public NetWare MHS hub such as CompuServe. Various communication profiles can be defined and accessed by simply pressing a button on BeyondMail's icon bar. Windows users can minimize BeyondMail and do other work while it polls mail and runs rule-based applications in the backround.
 Administrators can create and distribute Administration Disks, either manually or via e-mail, to their remote users. This allows administrators to dramatically simplify the remote users experience with e-mail, by preconfiguring their systems with communications profiles, address books, forms, rules and other application components.
 BeyondMail 2.0 Remote Access Edition, including NetWare Remote MHS, will be available in the fourth quarter for $295 through Beyond's Select Resellers or directly from Beyond. Registered users of BeyondMail Remote 1.1 for DOS or 1.0 for Windows can upgrade to the 2.0 remote release for $100 per remote mailbox.
 Beyond Incorporated, based in Burlington, Mass., is the leading vendor of messaging based re-engineering applications. Privately held, Beyond has regional offices throughout North America as well as a network of international distributors.
 Note: BeyondMail, Beyond Incorporated and their logotypes are trademarks of Beyond Incorporated. Novell and NetWare are registered trademarks of Novell, Inc. All other trademarks are of their respective companies.
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 /CONTACT: Paula Berman of Beyond Incorporated, 617-229-0006; or Anne Marie Clark or Karen Magill of Cunningham Communication, 617-494-8202, for Beyond/

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