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WE'VE all been there..a little lapse of concentration and we hit the wrong key on the computer.

Or that saucy text message to your other half ends up going to your mum.

For most of us, the internet is a powerful way of keeping in touch with our pals, but for some it's ended up in a nightmare when private messages end up anything but.

Here are some of the unfortunate victims of the information age.

EMMA Kiernan was fired from her job after posting a foul-mouthed rant about her boss on her Bebo website.

The shop assistant was angry after an argument with her manager over whether she had called in sick before taking the day off work.

She wrote: "I f**in hate that c**t. I'm gonna go in2 here 2 mro and show her all the times I rang. callin mealier f**kin cheek!!"

The four-letter tirade was seen by company chiefs after a tip-off, and they immediately suspended Kiernan then sacked her for gross misconduct.

But the 23-year-old Crumlin-girl had the last laugh when a tribunal last week ordered the clothes store to dish out nearly EUR5,000 for unfair dismissal.

MINUTES after the September 11 terror attacks, Labour spin doctor Jo Moore emailed colleagues saying it might be "a good day to bury bad news".

The email was leaked to the press and caused outrage.

It proved a very embar - rassing moment for Tony Blair's government and Moore had to apologise.

McDonald, 15, noticed her inbox was beginning to fill with topsecret emails - direct from the Pentagon.

The confused 15-year-old replied to point out the error but the classified messages kept on coming at a rate of more than 11 a week.

They were intended for Royal Navy Commander Jamie Hay, an information management specialist at the Defence Ministry in London.

But RN Commander Jim Dale who worked at the Pentagon, in Washington, had mistakenly keyed in the wrong address.

Among the 250 emails Claire received was one detailing how to keep the most sensitive war secrets away from other allies.

Another contained a list of comic nicknames for officers including a "seagull manager" which was defined as "a manager who flies in, makes a lot of noise, craps on everything and leaves".

POSH PR girl Claire Swire sent her boyfriend, Bradley Chait, below, a saucy email about a sex act she had performed on him while working at a top London law firm.

But laddish Chait passed on the explicit post to a handful of pals to show off his naughty exploits.

His friends found it so funny they forwardediton and Claire became a worldwide hit.

Soon it had been sent to hundreds of people and Chait was cautioned by furious bosses while humiliated Claire went into hiding.

IN A more sinister web circular last January, a bitter Irish boyfriend took revenge on his former lover who aborted their baby by emailing 41 colleagues to reveal her action.

The Dublin advertising executive composed a poisonous 2,000-word rant on his Blackberry that sent shockwaves across the city's business world.

In the furious message he told how she had promised to keep the baby despite buying a ticket to London for a termination and lied that she told her family she was pregnant.

He also revealed how his ex slated 13 of her closest colleagues and friends about their work, appearances and personalities.

He ended the hate-filled message with: "For your action I hope you burn in Hell."

One colleague at the firm said: "The whole place has gone into meltdown. There was a lot of concern for the sender."

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CAREFUL Think twice before hitting the send button Picture posed; TOP SECRET Claire McDonald receives Pentagon briefings; IN 2000, Devon schoolgirl Claire
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