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Assessment is effectively a combination of in-house developed-analytics and external intelligence sources.

The output of this process is a prioritized list of findings that should be remediated, or give the assurance that the system is certified free of malware running at the time of the survey.

Wi-Fi threat - a growing menace

Wireless authentication attacks steal the identity of Wi-Fi clients, their personal information, login credentials, etc., to gain unauthorized access to network resources.

Confidentiality attacks intercept confidential information sent over the wireless associations, whether sent in clear text or encrypted by Wi-Fi protocols.

In Integrity attacks, the attackers send forged control, data and management frames over the wireless network to disturb integrity.

To weed out such offensive attacks, Remah's solution prevents legitimate users from accessing resources.

Remah's device solution monitors Wi-Fi environment and detects fingerprints active Wi-Fi catchers.

The company's state-of-the-art testing process helps in wireless discovery with heat maps and rouge AP tracking.

Additionally, Remah's VoIP security testing focuses on enumerating and verifying potential attack vectors and threats to VoIP infrastructure.

To make it simple, wireless network security primarily protects a wireless network from unauthorized and malicious access attempts.

Typically, wireless network security is delivered through wireless devices (usually a wireless router/switch) that encrypts and secures all wireless communication by default.

Even if the wireless network security is compromised, the hacker is not able to view the content of the traffic/packet in transit.

Moreover, wireless intrusion detection and prevention systems also enable protection of a wireless network by alerting the wireless network administrator in case of a security breach.

Android/iOS Application Testing

By analysing both the online services and the mobile application itself, Remah verifies that the mobile channel has the most security built-in.

Our analysts scrutinize every aspect of your application security.

When done, Remah's team provides a report that contains detailed explanations on how to bypass security controls, and provides a remediation path that includes the changes required to eliminate those vulnerabilities.

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