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Labour plans to nationalise energy networks at below market value @ftwestminster I met remarkable liberty campaigners from Lebanon last week, who have just changed the law so the private sector can contribute to the nationalised electricity networks, because the brownouts have become so bad. Why would we revert to what other countries are trying to overcome? @KateAndrs My favourite antisemitic argument for why I don't like Corbyn is "you just don't want your tax rate to go up" because it means they think I'm such a successful full-time comedy writer that I earn enough to pay tax.

@Sara_Rose_G We've just launched a crowdfunding campaign to ensure that the copy of DH Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover used by the judge in its landmark obscenity trial can remain in the UK. @englishpen Penguin's victory in this case - which included the prosecutor's famous question "Is it a book that you wouldeven wish your wife or your servants to read?" - led to two million sales. The public wanted to read it, even if the director of public prosecutions did not.


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Publication:City AM (London, England)
Date:May 16, 2019
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