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This is the voting method at the EU parliament. Just practicing voting "No". From what I am finding it seems that legislation proposed by the unelected commission always passes. Have only been here a day, but it's very clear, there is no democracy here. @LanceForman There is "no democracy here" says the guy who was literally democratically elected, calls himself "MEP Elect," and is literally advertising his democratic right to vote democratically in the democratically-elected European parliament.

@NinaDSchick Prepare to see the Establishment media, civil servants and opinion formers throw everything they can at Boris. Like all monstrous oligarchies, they are desperate to preserve the old order @DouglasCarswell Yes Douglas, the "monstrous oligarchy" is terrified that the "old order" is going to be overthrown by the anti-establishment Etonian, Oxford graduate, PS250K a year Telegraph columnist, career politician, Alexander Pfeffel Johnson. Uh-huh. @TheScepticIsle People who like Boris will think he's played a blinder, people who can't stand him will think he's done appallingly. People who are unsure about him will be conflicted. Because what he's mostly doing is "be Boris". @JamesLDouglass Boris Johnson admits he may have tried cocaine at university, but contrary to appearances denies there's still some in his system. @haveigotnews

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Publication:City AM (London, England)
Date:Jun 13, 2019
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