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BEST OF THE REST GREY'S ANATOMY SKY LIVING, 9pm WE'VE barely recovered from the whole April Kepner ravine car crash incident last week. We really did think she was a goner, and then she woke up when everyone prayed for her.

Wedding planning is back on for April Having bounced back from her neardeath experience to look perfectly glossy again, April (Sarah Drew) is in full-on wedding planning mode.

She's desperate that Alex and Jo's big day goes to plan. What she doesn't know is that the couple keep seeing each other before the ceremony. But they're not superstitious, so it's bound to be fine, right? Meanwhile, Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) plans her departure to New York and Amelia and Owen play happy families.

From left, Rebecca Ballantyne, Prof Susan Jebb, Tracy Eisler, Prof Paul Aveyard, Dr Javid Abdelmoneim, Paul Lomas and Yolande Clarke THE BIG CRASH DIET EXPERIMENT BBC1, 8pm CRASH diets have always had a pretty bad reputation. "Not a long-term solution" says the NHS website. Many just put the weight straight back on afterwards.

But attitudes are changing, and Dr Javid Abdelmoneim wants to investigate the "black sheep of the dieting world", to see if crash diets can work.

"Let the starvation begin," says Paul, who cannot ever remember being thin. Tracy still cooks for a family of six, even though all but one child has left home and Yolanda once binge ate a loaf of bread, jar of marmalade and half a pack of butter. While Rebecca is addicted to takeaways.

So how will they feel when faced with an 800 calorie-a-day liquid diet of soups and shakes for nine weeks? The end results will give you food for thought.

SOLDIER SOLDIER DRAMA 4pm HARD to believe that the military drama that made us all swoon over Robson Green and Jerome Flynn has been off our screens for more than 20 years.

Jerome Flynn and Robson Greene in Soldier Soldier If you were a TV viewer in the 1990s, it's highly likely you'll remember the B Company 1st Battalion, The King's Fusiliers. You may also remember it featured the likes of Denise Welch, with cameos from stars such as Danny Dyer and Philip Glenister. It even generated a few pop singles - who can forget Unchained Melody? So it is with great excitement and nostalgia that we welcome the series from the beginning.

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