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EUROVISION SEMI-FINALS 2019 BBC4, 8PM EUROVISION fever is hotting up after the first semi-final on Tuesday.

Tonight, radio DJ Scott Mills and TV personality Rylan Clark are live from Tel Aviv in Israel for the second semi final before Saturday's 64th Eurovision Song Contest grand finale.

During the semi-finals, 15 countries are eliminated, with only 20 acts taking part in the big event.

But don't panic - as the five biggest financial contributors to the European Broadcast Union, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom automatically qualify.

Flying the flag for the UK, singing Bigger Than Us, is 21-year-old Michael Rice from Hartlepool, best known for winning BBC talent show All Together Now, as well as appearances on The X Factor.

He will join Scott and Rylan for a chat tonight to discuss all things Eurovision.

He says: "I never in a million years thought I'd get the chance to do this experience. Let's go to Tel Aviv and try and bring it home for us."

De Kan EASYJET: INSIDE THE COCKPIT ITV, 9PM THE mere mention of the name EASYJET is enough to bring any traveller out in a cold sweat. So watching this documentary about training up young pilots is only for those not prone to budget airline rage.

These new recruits look far too young to drive a car, let alone be in charge of a big plane taking thousands into the sky.

"Most of them are young enough to be my son or daughter," says Captain Steve Freeman, who is a top pilot in charge of the rookies.

He and first officer Ajit Sidhu have four short domestic flights ahead, but the tail-end of storm Freya means everyone is in for a bumpy ride.

Gusty cross winds mean there is a higher risk of a wing hitting the runway or an aborted landing.

Meanwhile, Senior First Officer Iris De Kan faces some gruelling challenges in the flight simulator in order to become a captain and earn her fourth stripe.


Senior First Officer Iris De Kan

Hosting duties: Rylan, left and Scott

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Date:May 16, 2019
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