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Byline: today's tv With Sara Wallis

Tricky period: George Clarke GEORGE CLARKE'S OLD HOUSE, NEW HOME C4, 8pm GEORGE Clarke makes no bones about it. When you're doing up a period house, you've got to be ruthless with your decisions. Some stuff you can cherish, but what will you chuck? The architect, who is enthusiastic, charming, and dare I say it, a little bit hunky, is helping people do up old properties in this latest series - but without ruining the character of the place. You can't just go knocking down Victorian walls or Elizabethan beams willy-nilly you know.

"I'm getting under the skin of homes with history and unlocking their potential," he says, always a bit over excited when it comes to the part where he can start bashing things up with a hammer.

In this episode, he's in Hampshire where he visits a Grade II listed worker's cottage that's a bit higgledypiggledy, but with massive planning restrictions. For inspiration, he pops over to see an astonishing home (it's got a gym, cinema and roof garden), that used to be a Victorian stable.

But can George pull off a similar transformation with his project? The Springwatch team SPRINGWATCH BBC2, 8pm WHETHER you're after a sneak peek at a family of badgers, a glimpse of an eagle or owl, or getting up close with a Bearded Tit (no sniggering please), there is something here for everyone.

Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan and Martin Hughes-Games have been broadcasting live for two weeks already, from the stunning RSPB Minsmere in Suffolk.

We've been hearing tales of 'singing' seals, reed warblers, playful otters, puffins and all manner of badgers and bunnies.

So with a week left - because it really seriously can't still be spring can it? - the team plan to cram in more of the latest news from their wildlife cameras.

Iolo Williams also has updates on the latest action from the incredible seabird colony on the Farne Islands.

Plus, if you're really keen, tune in a bit earlier at 6.30pm to see Springwatch Unsprung, which tonight sees Winter Olympics gold medallist Amy Williams help celebrate some unsung wildlife heroes and young naturalists.

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Date:Jun 14, 2016
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