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BEST NEW BOOK Daddy's Girl Marian O'Neill (Simon & Schuster, pounds 6.99).

THIRTEEN-YEAR-OLD Lisa shares her bedroom with her mother Elsie and loves to listen to the stories about her father she has never known.

She listens to tales of a passionate and romantic affair with a charismatic, handsome man and longs for a day when she too will be swept away by unsuitable love.

But against the background of a family Christmas, Lisa overhears forbidden conversations and starts to realise Elsie's stories are not what they seemed.

Lisa's relationship with her mother deteriorates and Elsie begins to understand the consequences of the illusion she has created for her daughter.

Daddy's Girl reveals what happens when the cosy lies we tell our children are revealed for what they are. In this case it is not just Father Christmas that the child discovers to be a fraud but the character of Lisa's own father.

This new novel from the critically acclaimed author of Miss Harrie Elliot is a sensitive portrait of Lisa's awakening from the cocoon of childhood to the reality of adulthood, with all its saddening imperfections. It's a touching book.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Nov 4, 2001
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