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BEST GET WEDDY FOR ANYTHING; But will they go off without a hitch? Not on your life...SOAPS & MOVIES.


Typical, isn't it? You eagerly wait nearly three months for the next big soap wedding after Kirsty and Tyrone's aborted ceremony in Coronation Street.

So while serial bride and groom Sharon and Jack prepare to get married in Albert Square, wedding novices Gennie and Nikhil brace themselves to tie the knot in Emmerdale.

But there's a twist, having moved the wedding forward to accommodate Brenda, the bride's adoptive mum refuses to attend the ceremony.

In the same way that she has stubbornly refused surgery for the growth she called 'Oliver,' Brenda doesn't want Genniw worrying on her big day.

While this is an emotional story, there is also a lot of humour involved, not least of all at Nikhil's stag night on Thursday.

As a boss at the sweet firm, how appropriate the party should be inspired by Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and he's dressed as an Oompa Loompa while his mates are a right bunch of Willy Wonkas.

There's also some glamour on Friday with Bob taking beautiful bride Gennie to the lah–di–dah ceremony at Home Farm, secretly watched by Brenda.


After causing the death of firefighter Toni in the Rovers fire, then sneaking into the hospital and dispatching Sunita as well, Karl is unsurprisingly on edge.

While his actions may be an extreme way of winning back his ex – Stella – they seem to have done the trick, with her convinced that he's a hero for saving her life.

The guilt is getting to him, having to attend his ex–lover's funeral on Friday is too much for him to bear. Karl rushes from the service, close to revealing all to Stella, but is that really a good idea?


Sleazy Dr Browning may have got closer to Clare, but has he seen through her?

He starts to suspect the trouble–maker knows more about Mercedes' disappearance than she's letting on. As he gets more frantic, he violently confronts Clare, almost strangling her in the process.

Just far how far will he go to prove his love for Mercedes, will Clare suffer at his hands??

Meanwhile, Jim is also working on a plan to get Mercedes back, but can either of them secure her safety as the McQueens get another shocking piece of news, forcing Jacqui to make a deal with the Devil.


Nicole can't sleep, she is nervous about her visit to see her dad – and neither can Leyla who is worried about what the day will bring too.

When morning breaks, Nicole tells Leyla she might put the visit off but Leyla insists that it's time for her to grow up and be an adult.

Meanwhile, Gareth is determined to do a good job for Lenny when he asks him to take a car to an industrial estate and do some business but is surprised when Nicole hops in the back, but offers to take her where she wants to go.


Scotty escapes Toadie's stag do early and heads over to Chris's pad, finding his friend home alone.

Chris, still feeling as though he misinterpreted Scotty's actions at Camp Out, lets him in thinking they'll share a pizza and a few Beers. But when Scotty makes an unambiguous pass, Chris is left in no doubt at all what his intentions are.

Elsewhere, resident bad–boy Mason is settling back in town, taking a second job to repay Robbo, but Bailey is concerned about Robbo's intentions.


After the stabbing, Casey wakes in hospital with Tamara by his side.

Zach tells Casey that if he gives a statement about who stabbed him, he'd probabaly have his sentence reduced to 'time served', and be free. But he refuses, hurting girlfriend Tamara in the process.

Worried about his safety, she issues an ultimatum, Casey either provides a statement or their relationship is over.

Meanwhile, Romeo's shoulder is a source of concern for Sid, so he heads to get it X–rayed, with devastating results.


How appropriate that for a woman whose last husband was stabbed to death on Albert Square, widow Sharon should show up for her third wedding wearing a black dress.

Well, if groom Jack Branning comes to an untimely end, at least she won't have to change for his funeral, and if Phil has his way, that could be sooner rather than later.

"Trust me," he warns in ominously, "when I've said my piece, there ain't gunna be no wedding."

In the second of two big soap nuptials this week, Sharon and Jack prepare to tie the knot on Thursday at R&R. But as always, it's a turbulent and fraught journey to the altar.

On Monday, Sharon ends up with former lover Phil, while Jack visits his ex–wife Ronnie in prison.


TEMPER Is the game up?

JOB Lenny helps
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