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BEST DOCUMENTARY Young, Rich And Househunting (BBC Three, tomorrow, 8.30pm) * FIX the arm restraints, mother, I feel the urge to scream coming on.

However, whether the braying, moneyed poppinjays on Young, Rich and Househunting have quite the same heated effect on other viewers remains to be seen.

But, if the 24-year-old PR executive with a pounds 1m budget to spend on new digs in London is anything to go by, you'll all be in a fighting mood before the half hour's up.

BEST TEENS Misfits (Channel Four, Tuesday, 11.05pm) * THE Community Payback superheroes are back for a new series, picking up just days after the last episode left off.

Nathan is still buried alive with only his iPod for company, while fellow ASBOs Kelly, Curtis, Alisha and Simon continue to grieve for their apparently dead friend. Until, that is, a masked stranger leads the gang to his grave and tells them to start digging.

BEST SCI-FI Doctor Who (BBC One Wales, Saturday, 6pm ) * THE Doctor may be in the States, but his former stomping ground of Cardiff is never far behind.

There's even a character here called Canton for heaven's sake!

Meanwhile, writer Steven Moffat's mind-melting story arc in which the Time Lord's younger version is recruited by his future self to try and prevent his own death - don't even try to keep up - is top notch so far.

BEST DETECTIVE Case Sensitive (ITV1 Wales, tomorrow, 9pm) * BASED on acclaimed novel Point Of Rescue by Sophie Hannah, this two-part drama focuses on DS Charlie Zailer and DC Simon Waterhouse who are called in to investigate the mysterious deaths of a woman and her daughter at their luxury home.

The husband (played by Rupert Graves) certainly seems to have a less-than-watertight alibi, but is everything as it seems? After the recent The Suspicions Of Mr Whicher, it's yet another dissection of the darkness lurking beneath the apparently blissful facade of others' lives.

BEST SCIENCE Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman (Discovery Channel, tonight, 9pm) * WHO better to host a show pondering the mysteries of the cosmos than the bloke who's actually played God on screen? Yup, Bruce Almighty star Morgan Freeman uses that booming, instantly recognisable voice of his to ask the top boffins in the white coats such questions as: "What are we made of? What was there before the beginning? Are we alone in the universe? And is there a creator?" Perfect for those who crave a nice little spot of astrophysics, astrobiology, quantum mechanics and string theory before bed.
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Date:May 1, 2011
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