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Strategic Diagnostics Inc. (Nasdaq:SDIX), Newark, Del. a leading provider of biotechnology-based detection solutions for a broad range of food, water, agricultural, industrial, environmental and scientific applications, has announced that Berlex Inc., a U.S. affiliate of Schering AG, Germany (NYSE:SHR, FSE:SCH), has extended its Services Agreement to include SDI's newly commercialized Genomic Antibodies offering. Under terms of this amended agreement, SDI will provide polyclonal and monoclonal Genomic Antibodies(TM) to Berlex.

Matthew H. Knight, president and CEO of Strategic Diagnostics commented, "We are extremely pleased to have a world-class company recognize the utility of Genomic Antibodies(TM). The SDI Genomic Antibodies(TM) process significantly reduces the time required to produce a custom antibody for Berlex and Genomic Antibodies(TM) are successfully produced to traditionally difficult antigen targets such as transmembrane proteins, membrane-associated proteins and highly conserved proteins, which will help Berlex to identify and market new pharmaceuticals more quickly." Knight continued, "We are just beginning our commercial efforts for this exciting new offering and continue to interact with a number of significant companies and research initiatives. We believe we bring significant value to our customers by decreasing the time to deliver new diagnostics and or therapeutics to the market."

About Genomic Antibodies(TM)

SDI's proprietary approach to antibody generation enables research organizations in target market segments to increase their success rate of identifying potential therapeutic or diagnostic protein targets. This is accomplished by providing large numbers of unique antibody reagents generated from customer-specified genetic sequence information. Traditional methods of making antibodies to proteins require that the protein of interest be produced and purified in relatively large quantities prior to injection for antibody production. The SDI Genomic Antibodies(TM) process eliminates the need to prepare peptide or protein antigen for injection. Instead, synthetic DNA, representing the genetic sequence of interest is injected directly, via a proprietary process that produces antibodies to the protein encoded by the DNA. SDI's Genomic Antibodies(TM) have demonstrated the ability to produce specific antibodies to native protein. The process is capable of simultaneously delivering large numbers of antibody reagents, each with a unique specificity, facilitating large-scale biomarker identification, drug development, and academic research. The exponential increase in genetic information available from all types of living organisms has created a need for large numbers of antibody reagents to detect the proteins produced by these genes. The company estimates the total market opportunity for antibody services available to Strategic Diagnostics, through its Strategic BioSolutions brand, and available to its competitors, to be $300 million and growing at 20 percent annually.

About Strategic Diagnostics Inc.

Strategic Diagnostics Inc. develops, manufactures and markets biotechnology-based detection solutions to a diverse customer base, across multiple industrial and human health markets. By applying its core competency of creating custom antibodies to assay development, the company produces unique, sophisticated diagnostic testing and reagent systems that are responsive to customer diagnostic and information needs. Customers benefit with quantifiable "return on investment" by reducing time, labor, and/or material costs. All this is accomplished while increasing accuracy, reliability and actionability of essential test results. The company is focused on sustaining this competitive advantage by leveraging its expertise in immunology, proteomics, bio-luminescence and other bio-reactive technologies to continue its successful customer-focused research and development efforts. Recent innovations in high throughput production of antibodies from genetic antigens will complement the company's established leadership in commercial and custom antibody production for the Research, Human/Animal Diagnostics, and Pharmaceutical industries, and position the company for broader participation in the pharmacogenomics market.

For more information, call 302/456-6789 or visit >TX COMBINATORX GETS SINGAPORE DRUG RESEARCH GRANT >TX CombinatoRx (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of CombinatoRx, Incorporated (NASDAQ: CRXX), Cambridge, Mass. has received approval for a grant from the Economic Development Board of Singapore (EDB) Biomedical Sciences Group to support infectious disease drug research and development. The Research Incentive Scheme for Companies (RISC) grant is intended to encourage the development of strategic technologies and capabilities in Singapore. CombinatoRx Singapore plans to use this grant to discover and potentially develop novel product candidates to treat infectious diseases.

"We are very pleased to be selected for this grant," commented Alexis Borisy, president and CEO of CombinatoRx. "Singapore's EDB Biomedical Sciences Group has gone to great lengths to support scientific innovation. This grant will help accelerate the development of novel therapeutics using our combination high throughput screening discovery technology for infectious diseases." The RISC grant covers a percentage of qualifying costs of the research and development project on a reimbursement basis. Qualifying costs include salaries, equipment, scientific consumables and intellectual property costs. Reimbursement for these costs under the grant is subject to the satisfaction of certain conditions by CombinatoRx Singapore, including completion of the development project for infectious disease within a specified timeline, spending specified amounts on the project, the completion of other development milestones and the maintenance of specified levels of employment in Singapore.

About the Singapore Economic Development Board

The Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) is the lead agency that plans and executes strategies to develop Singapore as a compelling global hub for business and investment. It enables multinational and Singapore-based companies to establish value-creating operations in both the manufacturing and internationally tradeable services sectors. The EDB Biomedical Sciences Group (EDB BMSG) is responsible for the development of the Biomedical Sciences industry. The BMS Group works closely with the Agency for Science, Technology & Research (A*STAR)'s Biomedical Research Council (BMRC), Bio*One Capital and other agencies to develop human, intellectual, and industrial capital in Singapore, in support of the Biomedical Sciences industry.

For more information, visit

About CombinatoRx

CombinatoRx, Incorporated is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing new medicines built from synergistic combinations of approved drugs, designed to attack disease on multiple fronts. CombinatoRx applies its proprietary combination drug discovery technology to identify new combination product candidates in a number of disease areas, including immuno-inflammatory disease, oncology, metabolic disease, neurodegenerative disease, and infectious disease. We are currently developing a portfolio of six product candidates targeting multiple diseases which were discovered by applying our proprietary screening technology.

For more information, visit or call or 617/301-7100.
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