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 ATLANTA, Aug. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Time was that about the only folk who operated businesses from their homes were shadetree mechanics and quilters.
 But the times have changed and now it seems like everyone's doing it. A fact that hasn't escaped BellSouth Telecommunications' Southern Bell and South Central Bell Telephone Companies.
 "Today, we're witnessing a dramatic shift in the way and places people work," explained Trudy Quinn, BellSouth manager for market development. "And the driving force in this shift is telecommunications."
 To prove her point, Quinn cites two parallel phenomena that she believes are fueling the work at home movement. "A day doesn't go by that a large company doesn't announce a force reduction as it prepares for today's more competitive marketplace. Increasingly, these displaced workers are opting for home-based work as opposed to another 9 to 5 internment in a glass and concrete office building.
 "At the same time, today's increasingly economical availability of personal computers and fax machines is allowing workers who aren't starting their own businesses to work from home. We call this alternative work arrangement, telecommuting."
 The common denominator in both trends is home telephone service, with its wide array of optional services and add-on devices. "At one time, BellSouth's tariffs deterred some residential customers from using their telephone lines for business activities. Now, we not only have opened up our tariffs to permit business use of home telephone service, we're encouraging it," Quinn said.
 To date, BellSouth has relaxed tariff restrictions on the use of residential telephone service for business purposes in eight of the nine states served by South Central Bell and Southern Bell.
 "Essentially, we are saying that it's OK to use your home phone service for a home-based business without paying the higher business rate. This will work well for home workers, as long as they don't need a business listing or Yellow Pages advertising in the Southern Bell or South Central Bell directories," she explained.
 BellSouth is introducing enhanced residential, or White Pages, listings for work-at-homers. "Recently, we filed tariffs in eight of our states to offer Designer Listings in our residential telephone directories," Quinn said. "One of the major customer groups for these listings will be individuals who work out of their homes."
 Designer Listings offer options for enhancing the typical directory listing to make their subscribers easier to find. The options include bold or script type, bold type with lines above and below the listing, and, most important for the work at home customer, an additional line for text entries.
 "Designer Listings will enable customers who work at home to indicate their business on the extra line option and even put the whole listing in bold type or other wise differentiate it to make it easily recognizable."
 Another telephone service that can benefit home workers is BellSouth's RingMaster(R) service, which enables its subscribers to assign different telephone numbers to one incoming line. "By having more than one telephone number associated with a single line, customers are able to assign unique numbers for their home and business uses. They can even use an additional number for a fax machine or a hotline for emergencies. Each number has a different ringing pattern, allowing the customer to answer them appropriately," Quinn pointed out.
 When a customer's business grows enough to require additional telephone service, RingMaster service's multiple telephone numbers can be used to add additional lines without changing telephone numbers, she added.
 An essential for any business, and especially the self-employed who work in their homes, is a telephone answering device or service. BellSouth offers a central office-based answering service with some unique capabilities.
 "Our MemoryCall(R) service is a computer-based, personalized answering service that allows calls to be answered even when the line is busy. Additionally, MemoryCall service provides power-outage protection and message retrieval from any location. We feel that it is truly the premier answering system for home-based businesses," Quinn said.
 In addition to its newer services for the work-at-home market, BellSouth offers a number of optional services that can be used to increase efficiency for the home worker. These central office-based services provide PBX-like functions for the single line residential phone service user.
 As examples, Three-way Calling, Call Forwarding and Call Waiting enable their subscribers to add on third parties, forward calls to other locations and catch incoming calls even while already on another call.
 Other PBX-like services such as Call Return, Repeat Dialing, Caller ID and Call Blocking provide additional labor-saving features. These services permit subscribers to return missed calls, place calls to a busy number without repeatedly redialing the number, identify incoming callers before calls are answered by displaying the caller's telephone number (and, in some cases, name), and to block delivery of calls from specified telephone numbers.
 And that's just a few of the optional services available to home workers, as well as most other residential telephone customers, according to Quinn. More services will be introduced as the technology, customer demand and the associated investment capital becomes available.
 "As you can see, the options available to those who work at home are already numerous, and they can be pretty daunting. That's one reason we've created a support program for home-based businesses and workers called the BellSouth Work at Home Connection. This single point for communications information and assistance is designed to make working at home both easier and more efficient," Quinn said.
 The BellSouth Work at Home Connection, currently in trial in Georgia, requires customers to apply for membership and pay a $10 annual membership fee, which is being waived for the members' first year. In return, members receive valuable benefits and information, including a quarterly newsletter, a special 800 number (800-522-HOME) for assistance and discounts on a variety of local services targeted to home-based business needs.
 By year's end, BellSouth anticipates being able to offer an exciting new data service for the work at home market. Known as ISDN-Individual Line service, the service provides both voice and data capabilities simultaneously on a single ISDN (integrated services digital network) line. ISDN-Individual Line service was recently offered during a six- month trial in Tennessee and achieved what Quinn termed "very positive results."
 "With ISDN-Individual Line service, many of the communications advantages of the centralized office environment will be extended to the home. Plus, they'll discover data transmission speeds unavailable via conventional modems," Quinn said.
 BellSouth plans to file tariffs to offer ISDN-Individual Line service in all nine states it serves by the end of August 1993.
 "We're very excited about the opportunities for better serving our customers who work at home. That's what makes the interaction with these customers through the BellSouth Work at Home Connection so valuable," Quinn added. "Obviously, it's in our best interest to build a good relationship with what is the fastest growing segment of American Business. And, to do that we're looking for new and innovative ways to meet those customers' communications needs."
 BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc., with headquarters in Atlanta, provides telecommunications services in the BellSouth region. BellSouth Telecommunications does business as Southern Bell in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida and as South Central Bell in Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. These companies serve more than 18.6 million local telephone lines and provide local exchange and intraLATA long distance service over one of the most modern telecommunications networks in the world.
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