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ATLANTA, March 9 /PRNewswire/ -- BellSouth Cellular Corp. (BSCC) and PDA Dimensions, an Atlanta-based software development company, announced today the commercial availability of DispatchIt, a work order field service application utilizing Simon, BSCC's personal communicator.

DispatchIt will be demonstrated at Mobile '95, a technologic event in San Jose, CA, March 15 and 16, 1995 (Booth 434).

DispatchIt software runs on Simon and enables companies with field service operations to manage their business more efficiently by utilizing two-way wireless voice and data capabilities. DispatchIt software allows work orders to be keyed into a Windows(R) PC which wirelessly transmits those messages to Simon over the cellular network, where the field service technician will act upon the request. The DispatchIt screens enables users to: access customer work orders and problem information, view historical data, call the customer via the cellular network, enter notes about the repair, and then transmit the information back to the host PC.

"Simon remains the only fully integrated personal communicator to date. With DispatchIt, Simon becomes an even more powerful business tool...and the only product that combines voice and data capabilities so elegantly," said Ben Holcomb, executive vice president of BSCC.

Small to medium-sized companies such as computer service firms, office machine sales and service, appliance repair and air conditioning and heating service firms will all benefit from using Simon and DispatchIt software, said Dave Saitta, vice president of marketing at PDA Dimensions. Additionally, for larger companies, a customized package can be developed to meet their specific requirements, Saitta added.

DispatchIt software contains two components -- host/server software and client/remote software. The host software runs on a Windows 486 PC and a landline Hayes-compatible modem and the remote software, which resides on a PCMCIA card for Simon.

The software cost for DispatchIt is $2,999 for the host PC software and $299 for each Simon software client. In addition, there is the cost of a landline connection for the computer, cellular access and airtime for wireless transmissions, PCMCIA cards and hardware costs for the computer and Simons. The DispatchIt package is available from PDA Dimensions directly. Simon is available from BellSouth Cellular Corp. companies.

Saitta added that "Technicians can now wirelessly send and receive their work orders any time, anywhere. DispatchIt saves them routine trips to the office -- which means they can be on the road servicing their customers quickly and efficiently. Imagine the improvement in customer satisfaction if a service technician calls a customer when he or she is running late."

Field service personnel can create faxes and memos through the use of built-in touch screen keyboards or by writing directly on the screen, using a stylus. To accomplish this, Simon uses a technology called pen annotation. This means a customer's hand writing will be reflected exactly; that is, it's not digitized to look like a printed word. By using Simon's faxing capabilities, technicians can access fax-on-demand systems to get more information such as product fact sheets and mechanical drawings.

Simon is the first fully integrated, handheld cellular phone wireless facsimile machine (send/receive), pager, electronic mail, calendar, appointment scheduler, address book, calculator and pen-based note pad/sketch pad. The suggested retail price is as low as $599 with a cellular activation in BSCC markets covering 216 cities in 15 states. Simon is designed by IBM.

Simon weighs just over a pound, and looks like a small, portable phone with a brightly lit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) as a keypad and touch screen. A graphical user interface, or GUI, uses icons to help the customer move from application to application simply and effortlessly.

Simon's PCMCIA* slot allows the addition of a paging card in order to receive electronic messages on a nationwide, regional or local basis, through MobileComm, BellSouth's paging company. This slot also allows for applications such as DispatchIt to be used, and for the customer to upgrade or expand Simon's system memory for increased storage of data.

By way of its built-in software, Simon is capable of sending and receiving E-mail through any Lotus(R) cc:Mail(tm) post office that has support for remote dial-in. When it is equipped with a PCMCIA card, messages can be received through most public E-Mail systems.

Individuals and companies wanting more information about Simon can call their local BSCC market or dial 1-800-SIMON SAYS. For information on DispatchIt, call PDA Dimensions, 404-876-4414.

BellSouth Cellular Corp. companies provide cellular service to more than 2.7 million customers in markets managed by BellSouth and its partners in 15 states nationwide.

PDA Dimensions, Inc. is a software developer/system integrator focused on the research, development, and deployment of custom and vertical handheld software solutions. Recent PDA products represent a new direction for the mobile computing industry. PDA Dimensions is taking a leading role in developing innovative software for handheld systems and is consulting with Fortune 500 clients to integrate these technologies into their business.

* Personal Computer Memory Card International Association card
 -0- 3/9/95

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/CONTACT: Nicole Lipson, BellSouth Cellular Corp., 404-713-0081, or Dave Saitta, PDA Dimensions, 404-876-4414/


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