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 ATLANTA, July 28 /PRNewswire/ -- BellSouth Cellular Corp. (BSCC) is the first cellular carrier to launch a commercial Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) service on its cellular network.
 ProLink(SM) One Number Service, an innovative new service available today from BSCC's BellSouth Mobility in metro Atlanta, gives customers the power to control when and where to receive any communication with just one phone number, whether it's a cellular or regular phone call, facsimile or page.
 "ProLink gives you the power to control your personal communications," said Carolyn Wilt, product manager in BSCC's New Products and Service Lab. "You'll have, at your fingertips, a superior way to manage your business and your life. ProLink gives you reach-ability."
 ProLink assigns a telephone number to a person, not a place. The service enables customers to give out one phone number for all their local or long distance calls -- office, home, out-of-town location, cellular, facsimile and pager. In addition, ProLink works with all existing customer communications equipment, does not require a new phone, fax or pager, nor does the cellular phone need to be reprogrammed for ProLink to work.
 ProLink is BSCC's first service available as part of a strategic initiative to launch its Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) capabilities. The changes made to the network will allow BSCC to rapidly create and deploy personal communications services, such as those that might be used with "personal digital assistants." These services will meet BSCC's customers' sophisticated communications needs and solve the problem of "reach-ability."
 Each special feature of ProLink allows total control over when and how customers receive calls, faxes and other personal communications. A distinguishing feature from other personal number services, Wilt said, is the Automatic Mobile Detect capability. The system can tell whether the cellular phone is on or off. When off, the routing process will skip the cellular phone so that the caller doesn't wait for rings at that locations. In addition, customers with multiple cellular phones can use ProLink to route their calls to whichever cellular phone is on at the time.
 ProLink offers a host of services that fall within specific communications management areas:
 -- ProLink Basic Service -- includes one telephone number for all
 calls, main and "after hours" reach lists; call override;
 Automatic Mobile Detects (calls will be routed to the cellular
 phone only when the phone is turned on); call accept; call
 interrupt; and easy administrative access from your cellular
 phone by dialing pound sign PRO (pound sign 776).
 -- ProLink Voice Mail -- standard voice mail service; one button
 call return from your cellular phone (a unique service which
 allows you to return that call and then go directly back into
 voice mail); and paging notification.
 -- ProLink Call Management -- caller announcement, which allows you
 to hear who is calling so you can decide whether to accept or
 redirect the call; priority caller list to identify special
 callers; and priority call override, so that only priority calls
 reach you.
 -- ProLink Fax Management -- the same one telephone number accepts
 facsimile transmissions; offers fax store and forward
 capabilities, fax delivery; and pager notification when a fax is
 stored or received.
 Wilt added that the service is targeted to people who are mobile and must stay in touch with business, family or friends. "Real estate agents, busy executives, attorneys and small business owners will greatly benefit from ProLink. It allows a small business owner to remain totally in touch, helps sales people get the important calls and enables harried executives to use their time wisely."
 ProLink is being offered in BSCC's metro Atlanta market, which is served by BellSouth Mobility Inc. (BMI). Potential ProLink subscribers can dial 404-713-1234 to hear an explanation of the service and subscribe immediately to ProLink by being transferred to BMI's customer service department.

 ProLink One Number Service is BSCC's first service available as part of a strategic initiative to launch its AIN capabilities. Terr senior product development engineer in BSCC's New Products and Service Lab, said: "BellSouth Cellular has developed a service with unique applications not available elsewhere. Basically, we've integrated all wireless services, using a single platform, which releases the caller from the burden of finding our customer."
 The architecture of the system consists of a control computer, connected to a switching system with intelligent peripherals. This equipment connects to the Mobile Telephone Switching Office or MTSO and the landline telephone network.
 The platform allows calls t be intelligently routed through cellular, landline or paging networks. Additionally, this system, exclusively developed by BellSouth Cellular Corp., detects when the cellular phone is off, and intelligently skips that piece of equipment when routing calls. BSCC is the only cellular carrier that provides that extra benefit to customers, which shortens the time it takes to route the call. This also allows customers with multiple cellular phones to use ProLink to route their calls to whichever cellular phone is on at the time.
 One significant aspect of the proprietary software is the inclusion of BSCC's own internal voice mail and fax storage system, which will page the customer when he or she receives a message or fax.

 ProLink Number One Service offers a host of services that falls within specific communications management areas:
 ProLink Basic Service
 -- The basic service includes one telephone number for all calls.
 -- Main and "After Hours" reach lists -- This allows the customer to
 develop specific call routing lists. A reach list can include up
 to four numbers, plus a Last Stop Number. The Last Stop is a
 number that will be answered by a person, voice mail, service or
 pager. The customer can change any of the numbers via landline
 or cellular touch tone phone, except the Last Stop Number, which
 can be changed only by customer service. At the time the service
 is initiated with customer service, the customer can set the
 number of rings at each Reach List location.
 -- Override -- This allows the customer to ignore his or her Reach
 List and redirect all calls to a specific location or to the Last
 Stop Number. Override is set until turned off.
 -- Automatic Mobile Detect -- Calls will be routed to a cellular
 phone only when it's turned on. In addition, if the customer has
 two cellular phones, this will allow the call to go to whichever
 cellular phone is on at the time.
 -- Call Interrupt -- Announces an incoming call when the customer is
 in the administration menu...customer can accept the call or send
 it to the Last Stop Number.
 -- Call Accept or Redirect -- customer can accept an incoming call,
 or redirect it to the Last Stop Number.
 -- Easy Access to ProLink from a cellular phone -- Customer can
 quickly enter the ProLink Main Menu to access features by dialing
 (pound sign) PRO (pound sign 776) on his or her cellular phone.
 This bypasses the seven-digit ProLink number and passcode entry,
 a security feature that prevents others from entering the
 subscriber's ProLink administration.
 ProLink Voice Mail
 -- Standard voice mail -- Callers can leave a message in the
 customer's voice mail box. Messages can be retrieved from any
 touchtone phone (cellular or landline).
 -- One-Button Call Return from Cellular -- A unique and convenient
 service on ProLink voice mail which allows customers to
 automatically return voice mail messages from their cellular
 phone by pressing one button. After completing the conversation,
 the customer can return back to voice mail and continue listening
 to his or her messages and return other calls. This feature
 saves time, by eliminating the need to re-enter voice mail after
 you return a call. Additionally, it's an added safety feature if
 the customer is using his or her cellular phone while driving.
 -- Paging notification -- Customer can turn paging notification on
 or off via a cellular or landline touch tone phone. If an
 alphanumeric pager is used, detailed information can be provided.
 ProLink Call Management
 -- Caller Announcement -- The caller's name is announced either by a
 recording of the caller's own voice, or by looking up the caller
 from a database of metro Atlanta directory listings, which was
 loaded into the system prior to deployment of the service.
 Customer can then accept or redirect a call based on that
 -- Priority Caller List -- Customers can designate a list of up to
 20 phone numbers as priority callers and can give callers a
 single, two-digit "hot" code for direct access. Priority callers
 are announced differently than regular callers.
 -- Priority Call Override -- Customers can set Override so that only
 Priority Callers are routed to them, while all other calls are
 routed to Last Stop.
 ProLink Fax Management
 -- One Number -- the same ProLink telephone number serves as the fax
 number. Senders don't do anything different to fax.
 -- Fax Store & Forward -- Faxes can be stored on the system and
 printed later at any fax machine. The "Store" feature can be
 turned on or off by the customer. Up to 30 pages of faxes can be
 stored for up to 15 days. Fax default numbers can be changed via
 a landline or cellular touch tone phone.
 -- Fax Deliver -- Faxes can be delivered immediately to a default
 fax machine number. The number can be changed by the customer
 via a landline or cellular touch tone phone.
 -- Pager Notification -- Customer can be paged when a fax is
 received or stored. The pager will indicated that the call is a
 fax and will display the sending fax machine number.
 Alphanumeric pagers will display additional information, such as
 the number of faxes stored, time of fax and date.
 BellSouth Mobility, a part of BellSouth Cellular Corp., serves more than 800,000 customers in seven southeastern states. BMI is a nationwide MobiLink service provider. BSCC's companies provide cellular service to more than 1.6 million customers in markets managed by BellSouth and its partners in 15 states nationwide.
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