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 ATLANTA, Aug. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Advanced phone services that provide the name and number of who is calling are a tremendous help in managing calls. But what do you do when you are in the basement and your display unit is in the kitchen?
 BellSouth Telecommunications recently completed a trial that will give consumers an audio interface to services including Caller ID Deluxe and make them accessible from any telephone -- in and away from the home.
 Audio Caller ID Deluxe, Audio Call Log and a "follow me" Personal Number Service were tested by 50 participants in Atlanta from October 1992 until April 1993.
 These services are possible because of BellSouth's Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN), a very sophisticated computer-based network which has capabilities far beyond the traditional transmission of voice communications, including the ability to store, modify and retrieve voice and data signals.
 According to BellSouth Telecommunications' Trial Manager Dale Malik, the reaction to the new services was highly positive. "The participants were very pleased with how the audio version of these already popular services helped them manage their busy lives. In fact, many asked that the trial not be ended so they could continue to use the services."
 Audio Caller ID Deluxe allows the called party to hear the name of the calling party before deciding how to manage the call. The call could be answered, sent to voice mail or even monitored as a message is left. Audio Call Log provides an audio list of unanswered calls even if no message was left. This service can be accessed from any location by calling in to a central telephone number.
 Several of the participants were selected through the Center for the Visually Impaired in Atlanta. Scott McCall, executive director of the center, said the new services were especially useful to these participants. "The visually impaired person's view of the telephone is much like the seeing person's view of their car -- it takes them from place to place. These new services make the trip more interesting and informative."
 The participants were also provided with a Personal Number Service (PNS) where one telephone number would "follow" the individual whether he or she was in their car, home or office. This portable service ties the telephone number to an individual instead of a physical location -- and wherever the individual goes, he or she has access to the same call management capabilities for handling the call.
 Unlike other PNS offerings, BellSouth's sophisticated architecture does not use interception devices that require a caller to speak their name before delivering the call to the subscriber. The service is transparent to the caller.
 BellSouth continues to be a leader in AIN development. This fact is exemplified through this trial and other recent announcements. In April BellSouth was one of the first RBOCs to file tariffs for Caller ID Deluxe, the service that provides name and number of the calling party. Also, in an unprecedented move, BellSouth was the first to propose plans to open up its AIN capabilities for broad commercial use by other companies.
 This trial is also BellSouth's latest accomplishment in the development of multiple user interfaces. Last month, BellSouth announced the results of a successful display-based telephony trial where information from incoming calls could be viewed on a built-in screen.
 "Our customers want more flexible ways to handle their telephone calls," said Paul Cline, AIN product manager for BellSouth Telecommunications. "With the introduction of audio-based services, in addition to the rapidly evolving display-based services, our customers can choose which user interface best fits their needs."
 BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc., with headquarters in Atlanta, provides unified direction and support for the local telecommunications operations of BellSouth in the southeastern United States.
 BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. does business as Southern Bell in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, and as South Central Bell in Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. These companies serve more than 18.6 million local telephone lines and provide local exchange and intraLATA long distance service over one of the most modern telecommunications networks in the world.
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