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 CHARLESTON, W.Va., Sept. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Retailers, doctors, lawyers, accountants, consultants, realtors and other small businesses in four mid-Atlantic states have a powerful new ally to help them save time and money.
 Courtesy of a Bell Atlantic service called ISDN, many small businesses can now have voice, data, and image capabilities delivered over a single telephone line for only about $20 per month more than a regular business line, plus usage charges.
 The company is making it easy for small business customers to get the service by opening a new ISDN Sales and Technology Center just to serve their needs.
 "Businesses no longer have to be big to have access to the Information Age and to swift, powerful, and flexible voice, data, and image communications," said Pat D'Innocenzo, ISDN applications manager. "For example, lawyers, accountants, consultants, or any other type of small business can now access databases and networks at speeds 53 times faster than typical dial-up capabilities.
 "The magic of ISDN is that it can deliver advanced services over plain old existing copper telephone lines; you don't have to wait for the day when fiber lines will be installed," he added.
 ISDN -- which stands for integrated services digital network -- is already widely used by large businesses with multiple telephone lines. Spurred by customer demand, Bell Atlantic is in the process of making the service available for small businesses -- with as few as one line -- in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia.
 Small business customers can call the new Bell Atlantic ISDN Sales and Technology Center on 800-570-ISDN to find out more about the service.
 Trained technicians will explain how small business customers can use ISDN, will outline pricing and availability of the service, and will take ISDN orders as well as give follow-up technical support.
 ISDN Aids Doctors, Retailers
 According to D'Innocenzo, healthcare providers -- such as doctors and physical therapists -- are excellent candidates for ISDN. "Doctors, for example, can use ISDN to forge inexpensive links with insurance companies so that patient claims can be processed electronically.
 "This means an end to lots of time-consuming and labor-intensive paperwork. Doctors will be able to provide faster and better administrative services for their patients as well as having their claims reimbursed more quickly by insurance companies," D'Innocenzo said.
 For retailers, ISDN can provide lightening-fast access to remote networks. That means that credit card authorizations can be done almost instantaneously.
 "The current dial-up transaction time for a credit card authorization is at least 30 seconds, but with ISDN the time would be cut to six seconds or less," D'Innocenzo explained.
 "Multiply that time savings by hundreds of transactions a day and you get huge time and efficiency savings, not to mention providing better service for your customers by speeding operations at the checkout counter.
 "And customers won't have to wait during those times when you can't get through to the authorization system, because ISDN uses packet technology that virtually eliminates the possibility of getting a busy signal," he added.
 Bell Atlantic is the nation's most aggressive large-scale deployer of ISDN. The company plans to have ISDN available to 87 percent of its customer base by the end of 1994. Bell Atlantic's ISDN service for small business customers is called individual line business IntelliLinQ(R) Service.
 Bell Atlantic Corporation (NYSE: BEL), based in Philadelphia, is the parent company of New Jersey Bell, Bell of Pennsylvania, Diamond State Telephone (Delaware), and the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Companies of Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, D.C., which provide a full array of telecommunications services in the mid-Atlantic region.
 Bell Atlantic also is the parent of one of the nation's largest cellular carriers and of companies that provide software, systems integration, hardware and software service and support, and financial services throughout the United States and internationally. In addition, Bell Atlantic International offers network services and consulting to telephone authorities throughout the world and owns an interest in Telecom Corporation of New Zealand.
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 /CONTACT: Harry Mitchell of C&P of West Virginia, 304-344-7562; or customer contact: 800-570-ISDN/

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