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 GREENVILLE, S.C., Nov. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Bell Atlantic Mobile announced today it will become the first cellular service provider in the region to offer paging services. Starting in mid-November, the company will sell paging hardware in 9 of its Carolinas retail Communication Stores which will connect customers to a paging network.
 "This positions Bell Atlantic Mobile as the area's only carrier to offer one-stop shopping for people who want the greatest choices in anywhere, anytime communication solutions," said Jack Plating, Bell Atlantic Mobile's regional vice president-Southeast. "The 'one-two' punch of paging and cellular can help nearly everyone increase their productivity and accessibility."
 By combining paging and cellular with services like Bell Atlantic(R) Mobile Messenger(SM) voice mail, Bell Atlantic Mobile customers have more control over their communications. Plating illustrated this point with the example of a customer who is away from his cellular telephone: A call to the cellular phone would go automatically to the Mobile Messenger service and the pager would then alert the customer of his message in voice mail. Plating also emphasized that Bell Atlantic Mobile will be the only company in the area to offer a single, easy-to- read invoice, itemizing both cellular and paging charges for each customer.
 Both paging and cellular service are growing in popularity with business and personal users, and are key components in the evolution toward personal communication solutions. For example, with paging and cellular, a real estate agent could show a house to one family and be paged by another customer who wants to buy; then quickly return the call on a cellular phone. Or, a woman ready to give birth could page her husband working at a local job site. Then, the husband and wife could use a cellular phone to communicate with the doctor as they drive to the hospital.
 "We believe the market for cellular and paging services is tremendous," said Plating. "With the addition of paging, Bell Atlantic Mobile becomes the total wireless solution provider in this area."
 Since 1985, the number of pagers in service has grown from 3.5 million to 14 million, while 13 million cellular telephones have been activated since their introduction in 1983.
 Bell Atlantic Mobile's cellular operations constitute the largest cellular carrier on the East Coast and one of the largest cellular carriers in North America, serving a total population of 35 million. Bell Atlantic Mobile provides cellular service and equipment in Washington, D.C., and 15 states throughout New England, the mid- Atlantic, the Carolinas, and the southwest. Headquartered in Bedminster, N.J., the cellular communications divisions are subsidiaries of Philadelphia-based Bell Atlantic Corporation (NYSE: BEL).
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 /CONTACT: Jack Plating, 803-676-2302, or Steve Fleischer, 908-306-7539, both of Bell Atlantic Mobile, or Allen Bosworth of Erwin-Penland, 803-271-0500, for Bell Atlantic Mobile/
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Date:Nov 4, 1993

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