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BEER WE COME; Scots tourists worst for booze, sex and violence.


SCOTS are Britain's most violent and drunken holidaymakers, according to a Government report.

A Foreign Office study into the habits of young Brits abroad branded them "modern Vikings", wreaking havoc across the Mediterranean.

The research shows that one in 10 Scots aged 16-30 has been arrested on holiday - almost double the UK average.

Twenty per cent admitted to being involved in a fight, compared to 11 per cent for all British tourists.

And 67 per cent of tourists from north of the Border said they overindulge in alcohol on trips abroad.

Thirteen per cent of Scots have also had unprotected sex and taken drugs on holiday, compared to the UK average of eight per cent.

Project Holiday, which was based on interviews with 1,000 people, showed Brits are causing havoc in resorts like Ibiza, Faliraki and Ayia Napa.

And it found that for many young Scots, holidays revolve around drinking heavily and picking fights with fellow holidaymakers in nightclubs.

Scott Cummings, 21, from Lanarkshire, spent his last holiday in Ibiza with friends.

He said: "It's just a total party atmosphere and there were some days when my mates could hardly stand up by mid-afternoon because they had so much to drink.

"When you are away from it all nobody cares what you get up to and you can act the goat without any fear of embarrassment.

"It's non-stop pubs, clubs and drinking. I love it and I'm going back this year."

Postman Ryan France, 25, said: "I like to wear my Scotland top when I'm on holiday and that can cause a bit of hassle if there is English lads about.

"When everybody has had a skinful of drink it can sometimes lead to a bit of trouble.""

A third of people surveyed agreed with the statement: "I usually end up doing stupid things and have fewer inhibitions."

The figure was higher for men, 41 per cent, than women at 25 per cent, and 43 per cent in the 16-20 age bracket.

Nearly 50 per cent of Scots confessed to swimming while drunk and more than a quarter have had casual sex.

Beach holidays are the most popular vacations for young Scots. But not everyone is impressed.

Pauline Campbell, 25, from Dundee, travelled to Playa Del Ingles in Gran Canaria with friends. She said: "A group of boys who came over on the same flight as us were always drunk and causing trouble.

"There were girls who didn't even look 16 going on organised pub crawls where they drank cocktail by the yard. It was grotesque."


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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 27, 2005
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