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BEEN DRINKING SHORTS, VERNE? OH BROTHER, 2ft 8in STAR HITS THE BOTTLE Half-cut housemate crashes his scooter.

Byline: By Rick Fulton

DRUNKEN Verne Troyer caused chaos in the Big Brother house when he rammed the Diary Room door with his scooter.

In hilarious scenes, the 2ft 8in housemate flirted with La Toya and Mutya, referred to Coolio as a "bitch" and and careered around the living quarters on his scooter, driving over things.

Verne's drunken rampage kicked off on Thursday night after the housemates won alcohol for completing their Message In A Bottle task.

By successfully not moaning for an hour, they got booze, letters from loved ones and party food.

Verne, 40, quickly drank three glasses of champagne. He then began slurring his words and misunderstanding conversations.

He also had major difficulty driving his scooter.

After fighting to stay awake, he then chatted up La Toya, telling Michael Jackson's sister she had a beautiful smile.

But before he could make a move on her, Coolio came into the room and began flirting with her. Big Brother called Verne to the Diary Room.

At first, he ignored the call and then mounted his scooter to try to get to the room.

But he struggled to control his vehicle, which was stopping and starting. After demanding alcohol from Coolio, he shouted, 'Hit me.

Come on, bitch.'" Then he turned his attention to Mutya, grinning at her, saying: "Hey, what up?"

As he navigated his way into the diary room, Verne said to Coolio: "See that door? Watch."

Then he slammed into it.

The impact lifted his tiny frame off the saddle of his scooter.

He refused help from Coolio and finally made it into the diary room.

But his drunken antics hide tragedy. Verne's condition means he is unlikely to live past 50.

Coolio told the housemates: "A lot of dwarves tend to die young.

So that's why he's having fun.

That's why he travels. That's why he lives his life.

"You can tell his body is falling apart now. He used to do his own stunts. He used to dive all over the place, do his own flips."

When Verne left the diary room, he decided to go to bed and admitted to La Toya that a brown cashmere throw he wraps around himself at night was his comfort blanket to remind him of home.

He also told her he has to put a pillow between his legs at night because he's bow-legged.

Revealing why he decided to become a housemate, he told her: "I want to explain myself. There are so many people who think that I'm just a stupid womaniser."

Before he fell asleep, he also said he had invited Tommy over to his home in LA in July and August.

As he fell asleep, La Toya and Tommy watched over him, with the American even rearranging his blankets because the room was hot.


SMASHED: Verne crashes his scooter into the Diary Room, lands on the floor and refuses Coolio's help CHANNEL 4/RUCKAS VIDEOGRABS; PIE EYED: Verne after the champers
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jan 17, 2009
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