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Byline: Jack Mathieson

FOOTBALL pundit Pat Nevin has won his battle to cancel a vile bogus Twitter account set up in his name.

Former Scotland star Nevin had been plagued for seven months by the imposter, whose postings even implied he was a child abuser.

His initial complaints to Twitter appeared to fall on deaf ears.

But the account - headed by a doctored photo showing former Chelsea and Everton star Nevin with a sinister black eye mask - disappeared yesterday after he threatened legal action.

Niven, 48, said yesterday: "I am delighted the account has been taken down.

"And if it was Twitter who removed it, then a belated well done to them."

The fake Nevin account on Twitter had been running since last June.

It announced its arrival by proclaiming "Peedo Pat is on the prowl".

And over the months, the imposter continued to make deeply unsavoury remarks about sex and other subjects, including disabled children.

Postings also suggested that Nevin was unfaithful to his wife.

The fake Twitter account made references to the former player's job as a pundit with BBC TV's Sportscene. The person posing as Nevin made posts to glamour girls Imogen Thomas and Bianca Gascoigne, as well as Scots DJ Calvin Harris and comic Robert Florence.

Nevin said: "Someone is pretending to be me and saying horrifyingly offensive things about myself, my wife and my children.

"Do you know what? Twitter refused to take it off. Well done guys at Twitter!" Nevin said last night: "I have no idea who set up the account but it was really vile, and pretended to be me and used my picture. Someone told me about it and I checked it.

"I had to get my daughter to show me and it was really, really offensive.

"Had I had time I would have gone down the legal route, but I sent emails because they don't talk to human beings."

The former player said his email attempts to get action from the social networking site foundered on Twitter's efforts to get him to prove his identity - while the fraudster continued to pour out filth in his name.

Nevin, who has no official Twitter account, said: "I told them I'd be taking legal advice, and that they would be getting both barrels. It was unacceptable, the most offensive material you could think of, and all lies. There should be greater safeguards."

Nevin said he did not intend to take the matter any further now.

He said: "The most important thing is that the account appears to be down."

Twitter did not respond to our attempts to clarify whether they or the user deleted the account last night.

They have a system of displaying verified "tick" badges on the official accounts of high-profile users, but they have a policy of not commenting on their verification process.


GLAMOUR 3 Imogen, right, and Bianca, far right, got tweets from the fake Nevin

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jan 12, 2012
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