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SIR David Attenborough has hit out at the BBC for failing to produce enough arts and cultural programmes.

The naturalist and broadcaster, 92, said the corporation didn't prioritise these shows as they don't attract big ratings.

He argued that as public broadcasters, the BBC have a responsibility to show programmes on a range of topics and stressed the importance of music, arts and nature.

Attenborough told Radio Times: "I don't think the BBC does enough arts and culture. It's not enough simply to say, 'Well, it doesn't get a big enough audience'. If you're a public service broadcaster, what you should be saying is, 'We will show the broad spectrum of human interest. People of all kinds should be catered for."' Speaking ahead on his next BBC1 series, Dynasties, Attenborough said new technology had made documentary-making more accessible and encouraged young producers to take up the mantle.

He added: "Now the technology is so versatile, so small, anybody can make a natural history programme. When people say, 'How do I become a natural history film-maker?' - the answer is, 'Do it. It couldn't be easier."'


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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 25, 2018
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