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BEAUTY STYLE: Take the healthy option.

Daniel Galvin Junior Hair Clinic: Organic Hair Juice Frequent Use Shampoo with Ginger and Lime, and Protein Conditioner with Lavender Essential Oils.Juice is the right word for this shampoo. Pour it out of the bottle and it's a race to get it onto your scalp before it slips through your fingers. it looks, and smells, like some kind of drink you might get in a health food shop. Which is no bad thing: despite its nonviscosity, it is good stuff, smells nice and does what it says on the packet. The conditioner is pretty good, too. And the fact it's organic and doesn't contain any nasty things can only be a bonus.

Caroline Foulkes Creme de la Mer Moisturising Lotion When it comes to beauty regimes, I'm a low-fi kind of a gal -my normal moisturiser costs the princely sum of pounds 5.

Anything more expensive just seems a waste of money and packaging, and every pricey moisturiser I've ever tried has just brought me out in spots.

So part of me would love to say 'Creme de la mer?

pounds 115? Pah!'. Except... I can't.

This moisturiser is fabulous. It smells good, looks good (pure white, not some horrible sticky greenor pink) and makes you look and feel great. Now I just have to beg, borrow or steal the money to buy some more...

Caroline FoulkesAveda Sap Moss Nourishing Concentrate for dry hair Its name might be less than inspiring and it might look like something you feed plants rather than use to perk up your barnet, but Aveda's sap moss is the way forward, especially if you have wayward hair like mine. I've always been a bit dubious about preshampoo treatments, especially ones that proclaim themselves to be 'healing' -surely any good work they do will be washed away by the shampoo and conditioner? -but the sap moss has proved me wrong.

It comes out (and goes on) like an ice cream syrup (caramel flavour, maybe?) but it left my ragged locks in the best shape they'd been in ages, sitting in waves and curls rather than a ball of frizz. Proof that you shouldn't judge a hair treatment by its cover.

Caroline Foulkes John Frieda Volume Thickening Shampoo (pounds 4.29), Thickening Conditioner (pounds 4.29) and Thickening Strengthening Detangler (pounds 4.49).

In the world of hairstyling, there is only one word that matters: volume. Year after year, product after product bangs on about how it will give your hair volume. Well I've been there and I've tried most of 'em, so I was more than willing to see if John Frieda's new range in its uninspiring dark blue packaging could prove it mettle.

Apparently this stuff is perfect for 'fine, flat, unresponsive hair'. 'Unresponsive to what,' I wondered as I tried it out. Soon it didn't matter, because my hair was so unbelievably perky I didn't care what it had been unresponsive to before. OK, so I didn't get the kind of 'voluptuous volume' it claims to deliver, but my hair did look better.

Caroline Foulkes It's no surprise to learn David Beckham relies on face cream to keep his skin in good condition, as those nice people from Zirh tell us (even if they don't tell us how to pronounce their name!).

In a no-nonsense silver tube with a blue band, it looks like a big tube of oil paint, and smooths on to the skin just as easily. It's slightly oilier in application than some moisturisers, but does absorb readily without residue or too much greasiness.

However -be prepared for a bit of a sting on your cheeks, especially if applying after shaving. That aside, Zirh Protect does have a sunscreen of SPF8, and can help protect skin, sensitive after shaving, from pollutants in the air.

It can't guarantee your face will become as pretty as Becks's, but at least you can take comfort from the fact it probably feels as good as his.

At pounds 22,50, it's available from Selfridges and Sephora, or via Andrew DaviesHelp is at hand for women suffering hair woes while out partying in Birmingham. A number of bars -Revolution Vodka Bar, Bobby Browns, 52 Degrees North and The Living Room -will be making Braun Portable Steam & Go ceramic plated hairstylers available for use in the ladies loos until the end of October. So when you go to powder your nose you can emerge looking like you've just stepped out of the salon. The scheme started after Braun carried out a survey which revealed 57 per cent of young women would like to see a styler for emergency hair repairs alongside the perfumes and soaps that are now a fixture in the toilets of most upscale bars.

Alison Jones
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