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Thake eyelashes look so cool! How do you put them on? The same way you pet a porcupine--very, very carefully. False eyelashes are like baked Alaskas. Very impressive if they turn out; one sad, goopy mess if they don't. The key is choosing the right style and applying them properly. There are two kinds of false lashes: full ones (the kind you apply to your whole lashline) and individual lashes (to add lushness where you want it). Full lashes are easier to apply but don't look as natural (tarantula eyes, anyone?), while individual lashes are more difficult to get right. We had great success with Fake-it, a complete kit with lashes, adhesive and baby lash tweezers for just$3! Apply a thin line of adhesive to the lashband, giving it a moment to get sticky. Starting at the outer corner of your eye, apply the false lashes as close to your natural lashline as possible. Press the lashband gently toward your eye's inner corner until the entire thing is on. Finish the look by curling them (along with your real lashes) with an eyelash curler and applying a coat of mascara.

You wanna know what love is?

So love is a many splendored thing, but what does it smell like? Skinmarket has decided love smells like...pomegranates. And what do pomegranates smell like? Mmm, a cross between a cherry Jolly Rancher and a grape one. We can't get enough of the new sweet-smelling Love Is: line. There's Love is: rough, an exfoliating sugar cane body scrub; Love is: hot, an aloe bubble bath; Love Is: sweet, a fab citrusy shower gel; and Love is: indulgent, a quick-absorbing lotion. Our "can't wait to give 'em for Valentine's Day" faves? Love is: glowing, a shimmery pink body lotion and Love is: burning, a red candle that shimmers as it burns. Now if that doesn't put you in the mood for love...Get it all at!

Go Starfish

Love is in the air! Oh, actually, that's Starfish's aroma body oil in Love, a combo of ylang-ylang, cinnamon and sweet orange to put in your bath or to smooth dry skin. Starfish is the first company to bring the smells of the Caribbean to us poor snowbound souls on the mainland. Starfish offers oil blends like Energy (rosemary and lemongrass) and Peace (lavender and sweet orange), but we love the coconut candle. Not only does it have that great suntan oil smell, but it's housed in a real recycled coconut! Call Starfish Oils at 1-888-699-8171, or log on to, mon.

Love it!

Finally! Someone has created gift set with a bag you'll actually use (and use and use) again! Bath & Body Works has a limited edition Valentine's gift set that's as fab outside as it is in. Your BFF will love the Plumeria collection with creamy body wash, body cream, body splash and hand spray. Best of all, the whole kit and kaboodle is just $14. and comes in the most adorable pink embroidered drawstring bag! Forget candy--here's a Valentine your BFF can use all year long.


They say good things come in small packages, but Pupa has managed to squeeze your whole makeup drawer into a compact the size of a jelly doughnut! Pupa's Cuore Reflex collection (Cuore means "heart" in Italian) has lip glosses, pearly eye shadows, a blusher, all-over highlighting cream, mascara, eyeliner and applicator. What's not to love about that? The kit is $25 and available at Ulta stores or by calling (860) 434-3321. Want to win one? Send a postcard to Pupa Giveaway, Girls' Life, 4517 Harford Road, Baltimore, MD 21214. Contest ends March 12.
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