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BDOA pushes for voter registration.

Beer Drinkers of America (BDOA) is urging its members and America's 80 million beer drinkers to vote this fall.

The nationwide campaign includes distribution of a "get out the vote" poster at taverns, bars, restaurants, retail establishments, elected officials and media. The poster features a rendition of the American flag and reads: "Freedom. Brewed in America. Vote."

"We know our members are politically active and involved individuals," said Bill Schreiber, BDOA president. "But we want to remind them and the other 80 million responsible adult beer drinkers in America that it is their vote that counts in our democracy.

"Beer Drinkers of America believes it is especially vital to every organization involved in the political process to help overcome apathy at the voting booth," Schreiber continued.

Through a national postcard mailing, BDOA also will suggest to members that they learn how their elected officials will vote on issues that are important to them, Schreiber added.
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Title Annotation:Beer Drinkers of America
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Oct 5, 1992
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