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BDOA helps defeat taxes in 5 states.

During the first six months of 1992, the national non-profit organization, Beer Drinkers of America (BDOA), helped defeat proposed beer tax hikes in five states.

Beer Drinkers of America members in Florida, Illinois, Maryland, New Mexico and Virginia contacted their elected officials to demand rejection of beer tax increases that would have cost consumers hundreds of millions of dollars, a spokesperson said.

"I believe grass roots campaigns like ours are instrumental in such victories," said Bill Schreiber, BDOA president.

"Some elected officials talk a good game about sticking up for hard-working, responsible adults," Schreiber continued. "Our members' actions send a loud message to legislators who continuously attempt to balance state budgets by unfairly taxing beer. Beer drinkers won't be singled out."
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Title Annotation:Beer Drinkers of America
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Aug 10, 1992
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