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BDI to stop the construction in Butel.

BDI is part of the Government and should make an effort to institutionally stop the construction of the cross monument in Butel Municipality, assessed former vice president of the Assembly Hisni Sakiri and observer Arsim Sinani. According to them, every other attempt including the formation of the Commission for Prevention of Construction of the Cross is intended to defocus the public.

"The event for placing the corner stone was attended by government officials from BDI as well, but BDI should institutionally oppose this matter and seriously pledge for this matter, and not only form commissions because it was proven in the past that such measures doesn't give results", stressed Hisni Sakiri.

"I believe that this is BDI's tactics to justify before the public and its members. The party commissions might be functional, but they aren't compulsory for the state institutions, therefore the approach needs to be changed. Since 2006, we have all the monuments in Skopje and BDI always blames PDSH and vice versa. These commissions are used to only defocus the public from the Albanian problems, but citizens know that BDI would do anything to remain on power", stressed Sinani.

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Title Annotation:Lajm (daily)
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:Mar 3, 2016
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