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BDI to decide between three candidates for chair municipality.

The local elections are expected to become hot topic for all political parties in the country, and parties already started to prepare their candidates for the forthcoming local elections scheduled for October 2017. Cair, being one of the most sensitive Albanian municipalities, is expected to be open area for political rivalry.

BDI still doesn't have an official candidate, but Zhurnal reports that this party is making final preparations deciding between three candidates. The interparty surveys calculate candidates' rating in supporters and fellow party members, and will decide which candidate enjoys the biggest support and will run the electoral race. Unofficially, BDI's management hesitates between Vice Premier Bujar Osmani, Deputy Minister for Education, Visar Ganiu and Sermine Purini, and the decision will soon be presented.

The current Mayor of Cair Municipality is Izet Mexhiti.

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Title Annotation:Zhurnal (daily)
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:Aug 21, 2017
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