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BDI refuted ALSAT-M.

BDI's parliamentary group refuted the propaganda chronicle of TV Alsat-M which apostrophized that BDI MPs weren't attacked by the protestors. BDI stressed that these speculations are tendentious and provocative.

"The new President of Parliament wouldn't have been elected if it wasn't for BDI's MPs, and they stayed in the Assembly until they were evacuated by the police, and in the meantime they helped their colleagues from SDSM. This campaign serves as manipulative sensationalism and is intended to create a false image for these events in the Assembly, but BDI's parliamentary group led by leader Ali Ahmeti approves the policies of the new parliamentary majority and pledges for the creation of a new reform government", commented from BDI.

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Title Annotation:Lajm (daily)
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:May 2, 2017
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