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BDI confirm they will do their best to see presidential elections fail.

Whoever the candidate to win the presidential elections next month, BDI are going to deny his legitimacy. BDI are not going to boycott the presidential elections yet they will be working hard to make sure they fail so the idea of a consensual presidential candidate in Macedonia may triumph, said BDI leader Ali Ahmeti in his address at BDI's youth forum over the weekend.

BDI spokesperson Bujar Osmani said Monday it was too early to reveal BDI's strategy, yet, according to him, the ultimate goal is modifying the Constitution so the head of state in the future is elected in Parliament rather than in direct election. He also said that on election day BDI were going to call on all Albanians not to vote for any of the candidates because only BDI were the legitimate representatives of Albanians since they were the victorious party. It is for this reason, he added, that the future head of state will not be legitimate even if a considerable number of Albanians vote for him.

A senior BDI official explained that promoting consensual principles and reconciliation constituted the agenda that Ahmeti would focus on in the second decade of the 21st century.

Ivanov and Pendarovski, the two candidates most likely to win the presidential race, refused Monday to comment on Ahmeti's position. They both said it should be the political parties that nominated them that should state their views to Ahmeti's statement.

Governing VMRO-DPMNE said Monday that all statements in which the democratic institutions of the Republic of Macedonia are disputed will be condemned by the majority of the Macedonian citizens.

"This statement which hypothetically disputes the legitimacy of the lawfully elected functionaries in direct elections has nothing in common with a democratic capacity and conduct," said Gordana Jankuloska, Interior Minister and member of VMRO-DPMNE's executive committee.

In her view, it is up to the Macedonian citizens to decide what political option to give their trust to in free, fair and democratic elections and the legitimacy of the president elected in such a way cannot be disputed.

Opposition SDSM said that they were not yet quite sure what consensual candidate was and that their candidate Pendarovski was considerably protected from attempts at denying his legitimacy if he won the elections.

"BDI have not explained well what they mean by consensual candidate. The way in which they offered their concept to VMRO-DPMNE indicates in fact that what they insist on is a coalition candidate of BDI and VMRO-DPMNE. After they failed to reach an agreement over a coalition candidate, they are trying to conceal the failure of those negotiations under the guise of the term "consensual candidate'. When putting up a presidential candidate, political parties are responsible to ensure the candidate is acceptable to all citizens no matter their religion or ethnicity. It is unclear why BDI did not accept Ivanov as a candidate while accepting Gruevski as a coalition partner," SDSM officials say.

According to GROM's presidential candidate, Zoran Popovski, it is not good for the interethnic relations in Macedonia to set conditions for recognizing the country's head of state considering he or she is elected based on the Macedonian citizens' free will.

"Denying the citizens their right to elect a president in direct election is denying them the instrument for protection against absolute power in the country," Popovski said.

Ahmeti also stressed at BDI's youth forum on Sunday that BDI would no longer accept that Albanian officials be assigned as deputies rather as at top positions.

"We don't want to divide Macedonia and we have no idea if anyone else does, yet we no longer want to be tenants in this country. We are not going to make compromises and accept everything someone else says," Ahmeti said.

BDI also took the opportunity to send a message to PDSH leader Menduh Thaci in the con-text of Thaci's recent statement that after the elections PDSH will be part of the new government as a breath of fresh air causing certain positive things to happen.

"We have heard of combinations for a new government yet they forget that the winner is determined by the ethnic Albanian citizens. The time of vassals, vojvodas and strategic partners in the government is over," said BDI Secretary General Abdulaqim Ademi.

As for VMRO-DPMNE leader Gruevski's statement that Ali Ahmeti and BDI have crossed the line with their insistence on a consensual presidential candidate, BDI spokesperson Osmani said their idea was transparent and well explained to both parties and citizens.

"Unfortunately, parties proved unprepared to face new challenges. We are going to continue promoting the idea and are not going to give it up until it is realized," he said.

Asked what a decade of consensual principles means, BDI officials explain they have already ensured that the two victorious parties of the Macedonian and Albanian political blocs form the government although this is not regulated either by the Constitution or a law. Moreover, in the last parliamentary elections, they won a "consensual budget" in which money is allocated proportionately to projects of VMRODPMNE and BDI. Finally, the consensual principles are reflected in the fact that for the first time ever a joint 4-year government program was developed based on the pre-election programs of the two parties.

PDSH leader Menduh Thaci said Monday that BDI's intention to deny the legitimacy of the future president was a manipulative policy of deception.

"Let's remember what they said and see how they act in the second round of the vote. We are going to set cameras at all polling stations to film Ahmeti and his men as they take the ballot to vote for president," Thaci said.
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