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BC nurses get 14.2% increase plus signing bonus.

British Columbia nurses will receive a 14.2% increase over four years and a signing bonus of $3,150 under an agreement between The Health Employers Association of British Columbia and the Nursing Bargaining Association.

The contract covers 315 publicly-funded employers and approximately 29,000 nurses who work in acute care hospitals, long-term care homes, community and public health facilities and offices, within Home Support services and in Mental Health services and facilities across British Columbia.

The new contract provides for

* increases to shift premiums for nurses who work nights and weekends;

* initiatives to manage staffing challenges, in areas such as emergency and intensive care;

* wage increases to recognize nurse recruitment and retention.

The employers and the nurses agreed to develop provincewide standards for a provincial workload measurement tool and the introduction of other programs to assist with resolution of workload issues at the local level.

Most of the nurses covered by this agreement are represented by the British Columbia Nurses' Union, the Union of Psychiatric Nurses), and the Health Sciences Association as well as three other unions. 604-714-2271
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Date:Apr 24, 2006
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