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BBA Nonwovens.


Media users have to look no further than the BBA Nonwovens Filtration Division to fulfill their filtration media needs - combining high quality with a variety of media is the division's goal. In fact BBA Nonwovens supplies the broadest variety of nonwovens choices from one source; member companies Fiberweb, Reemay, Inc., Corovin GmbH and Terram Ltd. possess complementary technologies, resulting in a wide number of options for end users.

"We want filtration users to know that we offer the greatest depth and breadth of nonwoven media from any one source," says Frank Baker, divisional filtration business manager for BBA Nonwovens. "And we're continually fine tuning our product selection to ensure our customers' needs are met. We believe we can provide the right nonwoven media for any end use. If it's not immediately available from one of the BBA Nonwovens companies, our engineers will work with you to devise the solution to your needs."

Some of BBA Nonwovens' media are:

"Reemay" spunbonded polyester has been used as a filter media for nearly 20 years. It is a 100% polyester with no resins or binders. Continuous filaments minimize fiber migration and add strength and it is thermally and ultrasonically sealable.

"Synergex" is a high-efficiency composite polyester media that offers many of the same qualities as Reemay. However, it has a multi-layer construction and is available in either pattern-bonded or flat-bonded configurations.

"UltraFlo" is a polypropylene trilaminate that is a unique composite of spun-bonded outer layers sandwiching an inner layer of melt blown fibers. Composed of 100% polypropylene, UltraFlo offers 90% efficiency at 3-5 microns and is thermally and ultrasonically sealable. Custom multi-laminate constructions can be developed.

"Terram" thermally bonded nonwovens are an excellent support scrim for various filter applications. Available in 65-350 grams per square meter weights, the polyethylene/polypropylene sheath core fibers give unique properties compared with 100% polypropylene nonwovens.

"Typar" spunbonded polypropylene is 100% polypropylene with no resins or binders. It is available in 3-20 denier per filament sizes, with higher denier products being stronger and stiffer. Product weights range from 34-271 grams per square meter and Typar is available in gray, black and natural.

"Celestra" spunbonded polypropylene is a continuous fiber, fine denier, 100% polypropylene. Available in 17-51 grams per square meter weights, Celestra has an extremely soft hand in the lighter weights.

"QualiFlo" provides depth and gradient filtration and is especially suited for automobile engine air intake filters. It is easily pleated and molded for various filter configurations and it has exceptional dirt/dust holding capacity.

"MasterFlo" microfiber depth filtration media provides depth and gradient filtration for both liquid and air filtration. The newest offering from BBA Nonwovens, MasterFlo's 100% polyester fibers provide two to four times improvement in liquid filtration cycle time.

"Corovin Meltblown" is manufactured through a modified spunbonded process in which primarily discontinuous fibers of between 1-5 [Mu] are spun. Due to their extreme fineness, melt blown nonwovens produced in this way have important advantages for some applications.

"Corovin Multidenier" nonwovens feature a precisely controlled mix of fiber thicknesses ranging from 1-40 [Mu]. The advantages of coarse and fine fiber nonwovens can be combined in a single product and specific functional characteristics to suit each application can be constructed into the media.

In Europe, Fiberweb and Corovin offer spunbonded and melt blown fabrics that are complemented by a range of composites containing spunbonded, melt blown and carded components and films. In air filtration, applications range from face mask media to HVAC. Examples for the applications in liquid filtration include tea and coffee filters, blood filters and media for cartridge filtration. "Multidenier" and "Corofilt" are the trademarks used.

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