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 PARIS, June 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Executive Jet Aviation Inc., (EJA), of Columbus, Ohio, has purchased a fleet of six BAe 1000s from BAe Corporate Jets, Inc., and has taken options on an additional 14 aircraft.
 The transaction, including aircraft, a comprehensive pilot and maintenance technician training program, plus customized maintenance, spare parts and technical support programs, is worth over a quarter of a billion dollars.
 Deliveries of the BAe 1000s to EJA begin in June. EJA plans to exercise its options during the next three years.
 The aircraft are to be used by EJA in launching a new NetJets program in the very popular mid-sized cabin class. EJA has achieved tremendous success with its original NetJets Program based on the Citation S/II. This established program currently features 111 owners and utilizes 25 Citations. With NetJets, owners, who in many cases cannot justify the exclusive ownership of a corporate jet, can purchase a fractional interest in an aircraft and base their ownership level directly on the actual number of flight hours they need.
 Commenting on the decision to purchase the BAe 1000, Richard Santulli, chairman of Executive Jet Aviation, said: "We chose the aircraft for a number of reasons. These included its ideal cabin size, excellent comfort, long range and the proven reputation of the 125 series for being rugged and reliable aircraft. Having listened to what our customers say they need, both today and into the future, we evaluated a number of excellent mid-sized cabin types and selected BAe 1000. It was clearly the right airplane for our mission. The BAe 1000 was the only aircraft that we could be sure would easily meet our customers' high expectations, and the heavy usage which we project will be up to nearly 1,000 flight hours per year."
 The aircraft, which will be configured in a high quality, nine-seat layout, will be completed at Corporate Jets' North American Service Center in Little Rock, Ark. The interiors, which will be common throughout EJA's BAe 1000 fleet, will be fitted with six seats and a three-place divan and equipped with customized features for business use, including capabilities for laptop computers.
 Bill Boisture, president and CEO of BAe Corporate Jets, Inc., said: "The reputation of the NetJets program for supplying an excellent service to its customers is well-known. EJA has identified the BAe 1000's ability to meet their rigid specifications, and their decision is a positive endorsement of our aircraft. Based on EJA's projections, this will become the most heavily utilized fleet of 125s in the world." Boisture added, "We will be providing comprehensive support services to EJA -- support that will enable them to meet the obligations they have to their customers."
 This order takes the number of 125s sold to North American customers to over 500 and worldwide sales to 847.
 -0- 6/11/93
 BAe Corporate Jets and the BAe 1000
 BAe Corporate Jets, Inc., has its headquarters in Little Rock, Ark., where it also carries out aircraft completions and maintenance. Manufacture is undertaken in the United Kingdom at the company's Chester factory with engineering, development and international sales and support located at Hatfield, just north of London.
 The BAe 1000, the latest member of the highly successful 125 family of mid-sized business jets, first went into service at the end of 1991, and 21 are now in operation on all six continents. The BAe 1000 has the longest range of any business jet in its class and easily meets NetJets' requirement for U.S. coast-to-coast operations against all wind conditions at any time of the year.
 The 24-foot, 5-inch long cabin can seat up to 12 passengers for corporate shuttle applications although eight or nine seat layouts, with full galley and airliner-style lavatory facilities, are more usually requested. Like all members of the 125 family, the BAe 1000 has stand- up headroom and a luggage compartment that is fully accessible in flight.
 The flight deck features a Honeywell SPZ8000 fully integrated avionics system which incorporates a five-tube EFIS, dual FMS and dual Laseref III navigation system. The FADEC-controlled twin Pratt & Whitney Canada 305 turbofans are equipped with Rohr thrust reversers.
 On June 1, 1993, British Aerospace reached agreement with the Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) for the sale of its Corporate Jets business the agreement is subject to certain regulatory approvals and completion is expected to take place as soon as these are obtained.
 Executive Jet Aviation
 EJA has been involved in aviation services for some 30 years. It is the world's oldest and one of the larger commercial operators of business jets, operating over 50 aircraft. EJA's unique nationwide charter program provided the perfect operational platform on which to start NetJets. EJA's NetJets program was launched in 1987 and is now the biggest and most successful shared aircraft ownership operation in the world.
 The key to NetJets is its ability to provide the owners of these business jets with guaranteed costs of ownership, and guaranteed availability. Within hours of a request being received, at any time night or day, an aircraft is made available at a location of the owner's choosing for any itinerary both near or far.
 Owners, who purchase anything from an eighth share up to full aircraft, pay only for the hours that they actually fly. All other costs normally associated with ownership, such as maintenance, training, crewing, insurance, etc., are borne by NetJets and are reflected in the fixed monthly management fee. A company is able to increase its shares at any time, and can sell back to EJA at fair market value any, or all, of their shares, after only two years.
 The BAe 1000s will offer owners in the new NetJets program larger cabins, longer range, and increased speed. The existing Citation based NetJets program, which currently consists of nearly 25 Citations and 111 owners, will continue to grow and offer the lowest cost and most flexible form of jet ownership available./
 /CONTACT: Karen Wood, VP Marketing Services, BAe Corporate Jets, 703-406-1130; or Scott Liston, VP Customer Services, Executive Jet Aviation, 614-239-5500/

CO: BAe Corporate Jets, Inc.; Executive Jet Aviation Inc. ST: Ohio, Arkansas IN: ARO AIR SU:

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