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Number of soup flavours: 6 -- (v good, no spicy Bengali lentil and corn chowder in sight).Average number of calories per soup portion: 100 (v good). Numbers of minutes taken to open "easy to open" soups: 5. Number of nails broken in opening of soup: 1 (harumph).

11.30 am Soups arrive for tasting in rucksack style coolbag. Groovy. Love flesh soups as are healthy and make up for loss of self discipline in the chocolate/alcohol diet. Also a perfect substitute for homemade soups so I can impress friends with Delia-esque culinary prowess.

1.00 pm Gorge myself at lunch, forgetting about soups in fridge.

4.00 pm Feeling peckish so finally indulge in soup tasting. First up is Farmhouse Vegetable. Love the fact it goes straight into microwave and is resealable and reusable. Read instructions: "To open, pull tab on rim to break seal. Lift off lid" Attempt to break seal.

4.01 pm Cannot break seal. Why?

4.03 pm Still trying to pull tab! Have broken nail! Put pot down.

4.04 pm Swear at pot. Pick pot up again.

4.05 pm Tab has come off!! Hurrah! Put soup in microwave for five minutes. Wait in anticipation of soup tasting and study other soup flavours. Looking forward to roasted tomato and basil and minestrone. Read that there are no artificial flavours or preservatives and no GM ingredients. At last! I am on the road to health.

4.10 pm Soup finally ready. Smells good. Tastes quite tomatoey and sweet, though cannot distinguish the different chunks of vegetables. Not as `homemade' as expected in style of New Covent Garden but definite improvement on tinned variety.

4.18pm Try carrot and creme fraiche with coriander -- creamy, sweet and carroty. Also briefly try French Onion -- quite strong and oniony.

Conclusion of soups: A good, classic range, in handy portions enough for one (perfect for hapless singletons). Might try on friends as a quick lunch, perhaps with flavoured bread to accompany (olive, sundried tomato, walnut or similar) with help of man (Mr Darcy?) to open containers.
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Date:Feb 26, 2000
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