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I have here in this hand of mine, A guarantee "Peace in our time", The nation could now rest assured, For Britain there would be no war, Hitler was to take no heed, Of any deal he has agreed, Through the gathering clouds of gloom, Our island faced impending doom, Goering, now with all his might, Would wreak great havoc day and night, "The victory our Fuhrer seeks, Will be secured within two weeks."

The world watched with anticipation, Expecting sure annihilation, The battle that would now ensue, Left much indebted to the few!

Vapours formed a tapestry, That wove the nimbus canopy, A Junker winds and weaves in vain, Its belly belching crimson flame, A swooping, shrieking, snapper wails, Disintegrating nose to tail, A scintillating diamond light, Hurtles headlong out of sight, The awe inspiring bravery, Was matched by fierce tenacity, Rolling, weaving, wheeling, whining, Climbing, falling, spinning, diving, Fury raged through crowded days, As squadrons duelled in tense melees, With German losses so severe, By Autumn! Radar screens were clearby Syd Webster, Bootle
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Oct 1, 2010
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