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BATTERSBY GIRLS ARE KITTENS SAY EMMERDALE WILD CATS!; Biff, bang,'s the war of the soap super-minxes.

Emmerdale's terrible twosome have issued a warning to Coronation Street's Battersby sisters - "We'll show you how girls REALLY behave badly!"

Adele Silva, who plays Kelly, and Sally Walsh - her mate Lyn - reckon that when it comes to seducing older men, under-age drinking and generally causing havoc the Battersby babes need a lesson in naughty girl power.

Adele, 17, said: "Watch out Weatherfield! Kelly and Lyn are causing a riot and we'll make the Battersby sisters look about as dangerous as the Nolans."

Leanne and Toyah Battersby have caused wobbles on the cobbles with their shoplifting, smoking and bunking off school.

"That's child's play," says Adele. "Kelly played truant - but she was ditching lessons for a roll in the hay with her teacher. And she's had four blokes in six months. Not bad for a 16-year-old!"

Sally, 18, added: "Emily Bishop starts quivering whenever the Battersby girls saunter past.

"It makes us laugh. She'd soon know the meaning of NEIGHBOURS FROM HELL if Lyn and Kelly moved in.

"We might be up to our knees in mud instead of clattering over cobbles in our platforms but we can certainly stick the boot in when we need to!"

The dreadful duo are Emmerdale's latest weapon in the relentless soap ratings war.

The show currently draws around 13 million viewers but Leanne and Toyah have helped to push the Street ratings up to 19 million.

An Emmerdale spokesman said: "Kelly and Lyn are the original sweet-faced kids with a frightening wild streak.

"Parents watching the show see what they get up to and start wondering what their own daughters are doing.

"And young soap fans love to see them up to the sort of tricks they wouldn't dare try themselves."

More than 15 million viewers watched green-eyed Kelly seduce her English teacher Tom Bainbridge in a straw-strewn barn.

And she provided a few shocks recently by pouncing on grieving widower Biff Fowler.

Adele, who joined the soap three years ago, said: "Biff was still in shock after losing his wife Linda in a car crash.

"So he was fair game for Kelly who is totally out of control after losing her virginity to Tom.

"Biff needed some love and Kelly was there on a plate, so to speak.

"She's already led on Tom, Roy Glover and Will Cairns."

Adele, of course, is nothing like her character. "Kelly's so used to lying and cheating to get blokes into bed - but I don't have time for that off the set," she laughs.

Adele still lives with her parents Sophie and George in Surrey. "I spend much more time with my story scripts than I do with blokes," she says.

"When I go out partying with Lisa Riley, who plays Mandy Dingle, guys get really intimidated by us. They think we're the same as our screen characters who devour anything that gets in their path."

This is not the first time Sally has bared her claws to Jane Danson, who plays Leanne Battersby.

She took the part of her screen sister in the ITV drama Children's Ward. Sally said: "When I was 16 I was cast as a brat called Paula whose sister Denise (Jane) was in a wheelchair.

"But we hated the sight of each other and had a huge cat fight. Jane's character almost throttled me and threw me out of a window. But we kissed and made up at the end.

"I was shocked when I saw how bitchy she was on the Street. She's so mature and quiet in real life. We've never had a cross word."

Bradford-born Sally's first major role was as a troubled schoolgirl in the hit series Heartbeat.

PC Nick Rowan (Nick Berry) went on a mercy dash to find her lost brother. She then appeared in an educational film about the bubonic plague with Steve Halliwell, Emmerdale's loathsome Zak Dingle.

"Getting my role in the soap was like coming home in a way because I knew Steve and also Paul Fox, who plays Will Cairns, from Children's Ward," says Sally.

Her ex-boyfriend Neil is best friends in real life with Nicky Evans, Roy Glover in the show. "Roy was my first fling in the soap and we couldn't stop giggling in the snogging scenes."

Sally, the oldest of four children also has fond memories of her work with Sir Peter Ustinov.

"I did a Disney film called The Old Curiosity Shop and he played my grandfather," she says. "He was so patient with me.

"I wasn't aware of how big a star he was.

"But everyone else would practically faint when he walked in the room."

Meanwhile, back in Weatherfield, Leanne Battersby is only too familiar with the body of Street hunk Nicky Platt, played by newcomer Adam Rickitt.

"So what?" says Sally. "We have already been caught in a four-in-a-bed romp."

Adele adds: "We're brazen hussies when we want to be but we're not as in-your-face as the Battersbys. With us, it's more of a sweet smile with a nasty sting in the tail."
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Date:Nov 30, 1997
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