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BATF to allow quarterly reports by small brewers.

A new ruling by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (BATF) will result in cost savings and reduced paperwork for small brewers, the Beer Institute has reported.

The revised regulation, published in the July 28, 1993 Federal Register will allow small brewers (producing less than 10,000 barrels annually) to submit reports of operations quarterly instead of monthly.

The change will result in fewer forms being filed by brewers and fewer documents being processed by the government, the Institute said.

"With the recent growth of the microbrewing industry and the introduction of creative packaging by many brewers, this revision will save small brewers a lot of time and money," said Beer Institute president Ray McGrath. "Small brewers represent an important segment of our industry. We're pleased that the BATF has taken this common-sense approach by modifying these regulations."

The Beer Institute was one of five organizations to respond during a comment period last fall regarding proposed revisions. Other respondents were the Institute of Brewing Studies; Crested Butte Brewery & Pub; Rowlands Calumet Brewing Co., Inc. and Fox Classic Brewing Co.

At that time, acting president Phil Katz and Gary Nateman, v.p. and general council, wrote a joint letter to Thomas Busey, chief of the Wine and Beer branch of the BATF. The letter outlined the Institute's position, and said, "The Beer Institute applauds the effort the BATF is taking to reduce the administrative burdens on the brewing industry...These types of regulatory reform proposals will result in cost savings to brewers."

A decision by BATF to revise the conversion table to include new beer bottle, case and keg sizes used by the brewing industry for tax and record-keeping purposes was also announced.
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Title Annotation:Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Aug 16, 1993
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