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BATF announces an increase in enforcement.

Concerned about the expanding number of FFL holders, BATF officials more than doubled the number of on-site inspections of licensed dealers during 1992, increasing from 8,258 in 1991 to 16,328 last year. The trend is expected to continue.

The BATF's new focus is a result of the explosion of FFLs issued over the past several years - the BATF has now licensed in excess of 284,800 gun dealers - and the widespread sale of firearms to criminals by disreputable gun dealers who obtain guns wholesale, then sell the weapons without adhering to local and state laws, many of which require waiting periods or background checks.

Gun dealers who sell through the mail or at gun shows often obtain an FFL but disregard state and local licensing authorities. In Alexandria, Va., for example, only 11 percent of the city's 62 FFL holders were registered city officials.
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Title Annotation:Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
Author:Brauner, David
Publication:Shooting Industry
Date:Sep 1, 1993
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