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Learn how to easily baste curves for professional-looking results.

* Fold each convex and concave piece in half along the diagonal; lightly finger-press, and then unfold.

* Using a fabric glue pen, apply the glue along the convex edge in short strokes to prevent the bias edge from stretching. Position the convex piece right side up on a flat work surface. Position the concave piece wrong side up over the convex piece, aligning the center foldlines; finger-press the foldline. Align the concave edges with the convex edges; finger-press. Gently align and finger-press the curved edge between the foldline and edges.

* To pin-baste, pin at the foldlines, and then each block edge. Gently align the curved edge between the fold-line and block edge; pin. Repeat to pin the opposite curved edge (A).

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Date:Dec 1, 2017
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