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BASIC INSULT; Star Stone hits back after rival mocks husband in TV sketch.

MOVIE sex symbol Sharon Stone has dismissed Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow as "an airhead".

The tit-for-tat attack came after Paltrow called Stone's sick husband, Phil Bronstein, "creepy" during a comedy sketch on American TV show Saturday Night Live.

Paltrow, 25, shocked audiences by impersonating Basic Instinct star Stone while an actor sent up newspaper editor Bronstein.

Stone said: "I didn't appreciate it. And I particularly didn't appreciate her being malicious about my husband."

The 41-year-old actress flew from the set of her new film, Beautiful Joe, to be with 48-year-old Bronstein after he underwent emergency heart surgery last week.

After seeing her husband mocked on TV, she hit back: "Gwyneth Paltrow is very young and lives in a rarefied air that is very thin. It is like she is not getting enough oxygen."

Stone married third husband Bronstein - award-winning editor of the San Francisco Examiner - last Valentine's Day.

She refers to him as the love of her life, although she still forced him to sign a pre-nuptial agreement before they married.

Bronstein is credited with taming Stone and has said he hates the glare of publicity that comes with their marriage. Now Stone is refusing to allow her husband to be publicly humiliated by Paltrow.

She raged: "She said something nasty about Phil. I don't want to believe she has any malicious intent, I want to imagine that she's just being naive.

"The woman is being guided by people who have bigger plans than her. I would like to think that she's just young and that she will eventually spend her fame valuably."

In a thinly-veiled dig at Paltrow's gushing acceptance speech at the Oscars, Stone said: "When fame comes upon people who are really young they don't know that they are being eaten by it - they think they are being fed.

"But probably since the Oscars, that young lady has a better understanding of what it really is."

Paltrow has refused to apologise.

Her publicist said no offence was meant and that the sketch was in keeping with the outrageous tone of the show. But Stone - who professes to have a "wild" sense of humour - said she didn't see the funny side.

In an interview with Movieline magazine, she also lambasted Hollywood action man Steven Segal, whom she once worked with on Above the Law.

Stone said: "To tell you the truth I just think he's an individual who isn't worth the ink it would take to write about him."

Stone was more complimentary about Leonardo DiCaprio, however. She said: "I knew the second I saw Leo that he was the one. Leonardo's like Mozart, there's not a lot of that.

"People don't know it yet because of the kind of movies he's been in and because he looks like a kid. But it will be revealed, if he makes it.

"It's such a hideous thing for him to be so famous. I can't think of anything worse - fame is such an ugly thing."

Stone also claimed her 1992 film Casino is her best work to date and revealed that Robert De Nero is her favourite big-screen kisser.
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Author:Brown, Annie
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Aug 13, 1999
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