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BASF Creates a Color Palette for the Globe.

The BASF Coatings division ( designers have made their annual assessment of color trends in the auto industry and their report for 2018-19 has been given the theme "Keep It Real." Authenticity and physicality notwithstanding, the designers recognize that the amount of time that people are spending on-line, in the world of pixels not atoms, is coloring their senses so the 65 colors that the team created have at their center shades of gray and blue. The achromatic colors have added accents to signify the intersection of the digital with the tangible. The blue hues, which resonate as digital light, are strongly saturated.

In the North American market, they've developed "Atomium Sky," which is a blue-a deeply saturated blue with a medium coarseness-, the second year in a row that blue is the primary color for North America.

For the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) landscape there are two key colors. One is "Grand Blanc," an off-white color that goes to the massive amounts of construction in developed and developing areas (with concrete being hinted at by the color), and "The Urbanist," a dark gray, metallic anthracite.

In Asia Pacific there is something of an integration between the digital and human realms, which gives rise to a color named "Gray Ambivalence."

And in South America, the key color is "Coriolis Force," a dark hue that is given additional energy through the use of reddish gold flake.

Caption: "Atomium Sky," a blue that is the key color for North America.

Caption: "The Urbanist," a dark gray for the EMEA region.

Caption: "Gray Ambivalence" for the Asia Pacific region, where they're not as urban- and tech-focused as in EMEA and North America.

Caption: For its 2018-19 automotive color trends report, titled "Keep It Real," BASF designers came up with a collection of 65 colors for automotive application.

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Date:Aug 1, 2018
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