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BASF: the Chemical Company.

BASF Pharma (Evionnaz) SA

Route du Simplon 1.36

CH-1902 Evionnaz, Switzerland

Tel: +41 (0)27 766 1600

Fax: +41 (0)27 766 1660



Vital Statistics

Year Founded: 1952

Key Personnel: Dr. Luca Parlanti (Head of Global Sales & Marketing), Dr. Frank Stein (Vice President of Global Business Management, Custom Synthesis)

Who We Are

BASF offers custom synthesis services for the pharmaceutical industry and manufactures and markets a broad variety of active pharmaceutical

ingredients (API) and excipients. These products are made using the latest technologies, in line with the highest quality standards and cGMP guidelines.

Services Offered

BASF has over 50 years' experience in API custom synthesis, and is a leading manufacturer of made-to-measure small molecules for the pharmaceutical industry Offering a broad range of high-quality and value-adding services, BASF supports customers throughout the drug life cycle--from clinical trial phase to market launch, and even once the drug becomes generic. Customers benefit from BASF's extensive expertise in route scouting, process optimization, crystal and powder properties engineering, up-scaling and development of unit operations. BASF also offers analytical validation services and supports analytical development requirements from early development through to full-scale production. Moreover, BASF's tried-and-trusted global material sourcing services support customers in developing reliable and efficient supply chain strategies.

Partnering with BASF gives customers access to extensive custom synthesis expertise, and a global research and development network where new, value-added technologies are constantly emerging--offering innovative solutions for simplifying production processes and cutting costs. In addition, BASF's leading-edge technologies support phosgenation, cryogenic reactions, and azide chemistry


BASF manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients and advanced intermediates in state-of-the-art plants in Evionnaz (Switzerland), Saint-Vulbas (France) and Minden (Germany). All sites are regularly inspected by the FDA and local regulatory bodies. BASF's kilo lab, pilot plant and 11 multi-purpose production plants all operate in line with cGMP. These facilities manufacture batches from gram to kilogram to multiton scale in line with customer needs, and are equipped to handle highly complex and toxic processes safely and efficiently.

BASF maintains over 60 Drug Master Files with regulatory agencies in Europe, the USA and Japan, and offers customers support for regulatory submissions (INDs, NDAs, CMC sections and more).

In addition to custom synthesis services, BASF offers a broad product portfolio of high-quality APIs and excipients to suit all requirements.

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