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BARO: The latest UV-C disinfection technology for the food industry.

Baro has been supplying an extensive range of air hygiene solutions since 1996. The BARO UV-C compact lamp IP 65 enables simple and efficient surface disinfection in all kinds of different processes in the food production industry and contributes effectively to lasting compliance with hygiene and HACCP standards.

For example, the robust low-pressure emitter can be integrated in deep-drawing machines, filling machines or cooling tunnels and retrofitting in production lines is usually also a straightforward process.

UV-C radiation on a wavelength of 253.7 nm is used to reduce the number of germs. This precise wavelength has a lethal effect on microorganisms such as bacteria, moulds, yeasts and viruses. A special interior coating of the quartz glass means that IP65 has an exceptionally long service life of 8,000 hours with minimal decline in radiative power.

A further special feature of the UV-C lamp is its protective Teflon film coating. If the glass breaks, the coating prevents splinters from entering the flow of air underneath the emitter unnoticed. The protective covering, which is cast in a ceramic holder, also provides protection against dust, splashes and jets of water, thereby achieving compliance with protection class IP 65.

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Publication:Pakistan Food Journal
Date:Jun 30, 2012
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