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BANNED SEX FILM SPARKS OUTRAGE; Fury at plans to show it in Midlands.


FURY erupted last night after it was revealed that a film banned in France because of explicit sex scenes and violence WILL be shown in Midland cinemas.

Baise-Moi - which translates as F*** Me - is set for general release on May 24 after winning an 18 certificate from the British Board of Film Classification.

And a Birmingham film company has sealed a deal to have the movie screened in the region. The plot sees female characters Manu, played by Raffaela Anderson, and Nadine - actress Karen Bach - taking brutal revenge after becoming victims of an horrific gang-rape.


a prostitute performing oral sex;

a woman shooting a man in the backside;

and a young boy being beaten to a pulp.

The film, described as a porn-style Thelma and Louise, should be banned according to Birmingham City councillor John Alden.

Yet the authority's licensing department can only take action if a member of the public complains AFTER seeing it.

Baise-Moi is the directorial debut of Coralie, a French porn actress who has starred in movies called Pure Sex and Fashion Sluts.

It is an adaptation of a book by Virginie Despentes, herself a victim of rape. She co-directed the movie, but it was banned by French authorities who labelled it pornographic.

A spokesman for movie distributors, Birminghambased Winchester Films, told the Sunday Mercury: 'It's not yet known which cinemas it will be shown in.

'But it will definitely play in the West Midlands and surrounding areas.

It's released in London on May 3 and it is on general release later in the month.'

Coun Alden, Conservative member for Harborne, said: 'This sounds disgusting, total depravity.

'I have spoken to people in our licensing department about the film and they will allow it to be shown until such time as there is a complaint about it. Only then it will be checked over.

'But this is just putting the cart before the horse.'

A spokesman for Birmingham City Council said: 'We have had no complaints or inquiries regarding this film.

'Because it has been given a certificate by the British Board of Film Classification we won't be looking at it - unless there are complaints and then we are able to act.'

The BBFC have asked for the film to be called Rape Me instead of its French title.

Graphic scenes include:

a woman being brutally


REVENGE... Raffaela Anderson in a scene from the film
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Date:Feb 10, 2002
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