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BANNED; EXCLUSIVE School won't let potty Scots teen terrorist study science.. just in case he gets any more funny ideas.


A TEENAGER who petrol-bombed a council HQ has been refused science homework - to stop him finding bomb-making tips.

Tartan terror Jamie Hoggan is set to go back to school later this year after being freed from a six-month sentence for the crazed firebomb attack.

The 16-year-old, from Alloa, Clackmannanshire, has been given weekly homework assignments so he doesn't fall behind.

But wary staff at Alloa Academy have refused to hand out physics or chemistry homework for fear he'll get carried away with a bunsen burner.

Hoggan's mum Roberta said: "He gets history and languages homework, but they don't give him any physics or chemistry homework because they don't really want him doing any of the experiments."

Hoggan was dubbed "tartan terrorist" after being convicted last June of attacking the town's council chambers in a crazy plot to drive the English out of Scotland.

He was sentenced to six months, while his co-accused, a 15-year-old boy, was referred to the children's panel with no punishment.

It emerged that the boys ran a website called Scotland's Freedom Fighters - and they sent letters claiming responsibility for the arson attack to national newspapers.

He was released six weeks into his sentence but had to wear an electronic tag restricting him to his home for another six weeks.

While inside Polmont Young Offenders Institute - which holds killer Luke Mitchell - Hoggan learned he had passed seven standard grades.

And despite his explosive past, the teenager who was nicknamed Harry Potter by fellow cons, is determined to become a forensic scientist.

Mum Roberta added: "If all this hadn't happened, Jamie would be halfway through fifth year and preparing to sit his Highers.

"But he's hoping they will allow him to sit some exams in May, so that when he repeats fifth year again from this summer, he might not have to take all the same subjects again.

"He's really on top of his work and when he brings back his homework they tell him they weren't expecting it for another week.

"There's no question he's a sharp cookie and he's determined to get the results he requires one way or another so he can go to university to study forensic science.

"As well as science he is also very keen on history and German. He has missed a lot of school but he is determined to keep going and catch up with everything and I am right behind him. I have backed him all the way in this and I'll keep backing him."

Roberta met school chiefs three months ago to discuss her son's options for returning to school.

They told her he'd be allowed to return in August in time to start revising for his Higher exams.

She added: "Jamie's always had quite an advanced mind for a child and loved to discuss politics, for example.

"He enjoys discussing the prospect of an independent Scotland with me.

I've never hidden from him the fact that I always, always vote for the Scottish National Party and would never consider voting for another party.

"At Jamie's age I was making stickers for the party and I always thought I was more of a patriot than Jamie.

"But since he was a young boy he has always known his own mind and enjoyed our chats about Scotland and politics even when he was very little."

She added: "He wants to put all this behind him but we still get some nutters annoying us on the street and calling us names."

Other so-called "Tartan Terrorists" include Andrew McIntosh, 49, who was jailed for 12 years in December 1993 for a hoax bomb and letter-bomb campaign.

He was convicted of placing hoax bombs inside four oil industry offices in Aberdeen and possessing a .22 pistol and rifle. He had links with the extremist group, the SNLA. He later hanged himself in jail.

And two weeks ago Scottish National Liberation Army (SNLA) head Adam Busby, 56, was held by Special Branch officers in Dublin after a dossier on him was handed over by their SCottish counterparts. Busby waged a hate-filled campaign against the Royal Family and Cherie Blair.


Bombs away? He has missed a lot of school but Jamie Hoggan is determined to keep up' Looking very unlike a terrorist.. Jamie Hoggan with his father and mother
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jan 14, 2007
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