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BAN DROPS; Boiled sweets off shelves after yobs pelt shoppers.

Byline: By RON MOORE

SUPERMARKET giant Asda has banned children from buying hard boiled sweets because yobs are using them to throw at customers.

Bosses at the firm's Dunfermline store say customers using their car park have to dodge a hail of Mint Imperials, Pan Drops and Soor Plooms.

Now staff have been issued with strict instructions not to sell them to under 16s.

The store in the St Leonards area of the city is close to Dunfermline High School, where most of the teenage thugs are said to come from.

An Asda spokesman said they had been forced to bring in the measures after complaints from customers.

He said: "A number of school children have been throwing boiled sweets in the car park.

"They've been vandalising cars and generally creating havoc in and around the store. As a result we have decided not to sell them."

He added: "We have been working with the school and head teacher and they are aware of the problem."

Asda shopper Catriona Murray, 23, from Dunfermline, backed the store. She said: "The store is right to top selling them. I came here to do some shopping and these kids started chucking lemon bon bons at me.

They sting when they hit you." But Kirsten Weir, 14, a third year pupil at Dunfermline High, said the ban meant she was no longer able to enjoy her favourite sweeties.

She said: "Mint Imperials are my favourites but when I tried to buy some the staff said they weren't allowed to sell them to me. It's not fair to tar us all with the same brush. It's only a small minority that cause trouble."

Ken McGinley, Dunfermline High School rector, said: "Asda has a duty to look after its customers, stock and store. The minority are spoiling it for the majority."


WEAPON: Soor plooms
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 14, 2006
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