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BAIRN AGAIN BOOK'S GUID FOR WEANS; Diary of a Wimpy Kid gets Scots edition.


TEEN classic Diary of a Wimpy Kid is to get a braw makeover - being translated into Scots for the first time.

Jeff Kinney's best-selling series of books has been given a Caledonian re-vamp by Itchy Coo, the Scots language imprint for children at Black & White Publishing, The first book in the series is Diary o' a Wimpy Wean, re-worked by Scots writer Thomas Clark.

In the translation, 12-year-old hero Greg Hefley tells the reader all about his life in modern Scots patter.

A snippet from Diary o' a Wimpy Wean reads: "Richt, afore ye say onythin: this is a JOURNAL, aye? No a diary. I ken fine whit it says on the front.

"But when ma Maw went doon the shops I SPECIALLY telt her tae get yin that didnae say "diary" on it.

"The ither thing I want tae get oot the road straicht aff the bat is that this wis ma MAW's idea, no mine.

"But she's no richt in the heid if she thinks I'm aboot tae stairt writin awa aboot ma "feelins" or ony o that guff.

"Sae if ye're waitin on me giein it aw 'Dear Diary' this and 'Dear Diary' that, ye can awa and run.

"The anely reason I'm gaun alang wi this at aw is that, wan day, when I'm pure mintit and famous, I'll hiv better things tae dae than staun aboot answerin fowk's stupit questions aw day lang. Sae this book is gonnae be wirth its wecht in gowd."

Diary of a Wimpy Kid has seen sales exceed 200million and it joins the list of a select few to be translated into Scots.


BRAW Teen classic in Scots

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 29, 2018
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