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BAE SYSTEMS Real-Time Operating System Selected for Boom Control on Boeing 767 Tanker Aircraft.

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An open-architecture real-time operating system by BAE Systems has been selected for use on the boom control on the Boeing Company's new 767 Tanker Transport. Smiths Aerospace has selected the BAE Systems CsLEOS(TM) real-time operating system to underpin the actuator control electronics on the aerial refueling aircraft.

"Aerial refueling is an extremely delicate operation that demands a robust operating system that delivers precision and reliable, predictable performance," said Milan Dedek, CsLEOS product manager for BAE Systems Platform Solutions. "Our system was developed specifically for mission-critical aircraft systems and is ideally suited to this use."

CsLEOS, an ARINC-653-compliant, fault-tolerant, hard-real-time operating system, was chosen because of its heritage in safety- and mission-critical applications. The system is certifiable to DO-178B Level A, the aviation industry's highest safety standard, and accommodates a mixture of criticality levels among functions, saving the time and expense associated with certifying the entire system to Level A.

Utilizing hardware memory protection, CsLEOS provides complete time, space, and resource partitioning between the kernel and applications operating on the same hardware platform. It also assures resource availability in both the time and space domains. This combination facilitates the robust partitioning defined in ARINC 653, enabling applications with different DO-178B safety levels to run concurrently on the same processor. CsLEOS also supports "on-the-fly" application rescheduling, giving it the flexibility needed to meet a broad range of safety-critical applications.

To assure fast recovery for time-critical events without compromising system safety, CsLEOS synchronizes all redundant channels on a frame-by-frame, lock-step basis, ensuring that all channels process the same data concurrently. In the event of a fault on one of the channels, the RTOS restarts the channel within milliseconds. To further enhance fault tolerance, CsLEOS provides a built-in health monitor.

To streamline application development, upgrades, and DO-178B certification, CsLEOS supports independent loading of application modules. Unlike approaches in which a portion of the kernel must be linked to each application, CsLEOS interacts exclusively with applications through its applications programming interface. This enables existing applications to be modified and new applications to be built and installed without the entire system having to be recompiled and rebuilt.

The 767 Tanker Transport combines the capabilities of the world leaders in tanker design and integration: Boeing and Alenia Aerospazio/Aeronavali, which together have almost 2,000 new production tankers and tanker modifications to their credit. The new aircraft combines the demonstrated performance of the 767 commercial transport with a proven, fully integrated tanker system.

BAE Systems is an international company engaged in the development, delivery, and support of advanced defense and aerospace systems in the air, on land, at sea, and in space. BAE Systems Platform Solutions serves aerospace and defense prime contractors and end users with capabilities and products that improve operational safety and enhance mission effectiveness. Platform Solutions supports a wide range of military and commercial platforms, including fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, ground vehicles, and unmanned vehicles with capabilities in vehicle management, human-machine interface, precision navigation, all-weather operation, power management, and mission information management.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Apr 22, 2004
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